PlayBeatz Earbuds Reviews-Detailed Review 2020

PlayBeatz Earbuds Reviews

PlayBeatz Earbuds Reviews: Since time immemorial, humans have looked for various ways to entertain themselves. Entertainment in those days was simple just as the lifestyle was. The hunters and gatherers did not have to work for twelve to fifteen hours a day for a salary. They were free-spirited and ate whatever they found edible. In the ancient time, when different civilizations like the Egyptian, Roman, and Indus Valley etc came into being, the idea of having some sort of entertainment and culture was conceived.

Playbeatz EarbudsThe history of music began in the jungles of Africa where a melody came into being. Somewhere in Greece, someone discovered melodies and so on and so forth. Music soon became a necessity and played the backbone for the development of a culture. Every corner of the Earth has a song of its own. People create music inspired by their race, colour, and ethnicity, social and political views. Therefore, the local songs and tunes say a lot about the culture and mindset of the people.

Technological advancement enabled people to record songs and plays them with speakers. Speakers evolved and the 80s and the 21st century saw tape recorders, musical instruments and different shapes and sizes of speakers in the market. With the boom of the internet and world music, people’s inclination to listen to music on a regular basis increased. Headphones were invented in 1910 and quickly became popular in the music industry. As their prices came down and more viable version of earphones came into the market, every person owned one.

Soon, the old earphones with long wires posed a problem in daily life. They got tangled easily and often came out of the ear if the wire got pulled in the slightest bit. During 1960-1970 the first set of wireless headphones were created. Taking inspiration from that era, speaker and earphone companies have come up with wireless earphones. The idea was appealing and the younger generation bought it quickly.

Who will benefit from getting Playbeatz Earbuds?

People who are tired with untangling the wires of their earphones will definitely benefit from this set of earbuds. Those looking to stay connected to music during their workouts and on the go must give this device a try.

Unlike your regular earphones that have long heavy wires that come off with the slightest pull, earbuds have no such hassle. Music lovers and the youth will connect with the design of the device and is sure to love it.

Playbeatz Earbuds Review

What are Playbeatz Earbuds?

Playbeatz Earbuds is a set of ear pods that look fantastic. They are wireless and connect with your phone via Bluetooth. They are very useful to people who want to listen to music on the go. The friendly design helps the earbuds to stay in the ear even while doing physical activities.

The USP of Playbeatz earbuds is their lack of long wires that get tangled and stuck to clothes. They have strong bass and provide a high quality of music. They have a noise cancellation feature that ensures good quality of sound while making a call.

How to use Playbeatz Earbuds?

Playbeatz earbuds come in a small portable box which is made from a durable material. You can take out the earbuds and put it in your ear. There is a button on each earbud that you have to press for five seconds to switch them on. Connect them to your phone device and play your favourite songs on the go.

There are multiple buttons that does multiple functions like receive calls and connect to your phone assistant.

How do Playbeatz Earbuds work?

Playbeatz Earbuds work to connect seamlessly with your device. They can get connected to both android and IOS device. Charge the earbuds for an hour to get up to three hours of non-stop music.

As you connect the device to your phone, your phone will catch it immediately and play, pause and move next through your playlist. It has a built-in 2.4 GHz Bluetooth V5 that connects smoothly to your device up to a range of 33 meters.

Playbeatz Earbuds Buy

Benefits of Playbeatz Earbuds

  1. Playbeatz Earbuds connect easily with all kinds of devices and operating system.
  2. It is easy to carry and has no wires hassles.
  3. There are no extra USB cable and cords to charge the earbuds.
  4. It reaches up to 33 meters range.
  5. The low price makes it incredibly accessible.

Technical Specifications of Playbeatz Earbuds

Playbeatz Earbuds come in a white coloured box that is made from a strong material. It has a battery capacity of 500 mAh and one charge gives up to three hours of service. It comes with the V5 version of Bluetooth and has an in-built noise cancellation feature. The integrated chips provide strong bass and high-quality stereo. It is wireless.

Playbeatz Earbuds Benefits

Why are Playbeatz Earbuds special than other earbuds?

Most earbuds in the same market as Playbeatz promise high-quality sound and remarkable features. Hardly any of them can fulfil their promise. Playbeatz Earbuds not only promises outstanding features like strong bass and stereo but as our customer reviews show, they also fulfil their promises.

After Apple air pods have dominated the market, Playbeatz is the only company that is cheap and still offers the same features with an impeccable finish.

What are customers saying about this product?

Let’s check out some customer reviews for Playbeatz Earbuds.

James Brown said, “I have been using Playbeatz for over six months now. It is an incredible product and I love it.”

Paul DÇosta says, “Life hasn’t been this easier before. I absolutely love this set of earbuds. They have the best stereo I have ever heard.” 

Where to buy a product today?

You will get Playbeatz earbuds directly from the website at a huge discount for our readers. You can return the product within thirty days and get a full refund. They also provide free shipping.


If you are a music lover and hate tangled earphones then Playbeatz earbuds is a must.

Playbeatz Earbuds Buy

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