Politicians fuel insecurity and violence – Group

A pro-democracy organization under the auspices of Citizen Commons Advocacy International has expressed concern about worsening insecurity in the country, which it blames on political leaders.

This is how the organization expressed its concern that if people in power and in charge of affairs are found guilty of disturbing the public peace, there can be no unity.

CCAI made the presentation during the public launch of a document titled ‘Youth Conversation Report for New Nigeria’, obtained by journalists in Abuja on Thursday with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Netherlands), Oxfam International Nigeria, Impact Central Center for Social Innovation, National Youth Council of Nigeria and Nigerian Youth Parliament (5th session).

The civil society organization said desperate politicians are fueling disunity and violence to achieve self-serving political ends during the upcoming 2023 general election.

CCAI Founder/Executive Director Olalekan Oshunkoya explained that the report followed a nationwide consultation convened as a series of youth-led consultations, community town hall sessions, focus group discussions and individual interviews, designed to probe ideas, thoughts and opinions of young Nigerians while advancing the ‘New Nigeria’ narrative.

Voicing concerns raised by youth as Nigeria prepares for the 2023 elections, Oshunkoya said if politicians had shown leadership, the country would not have plunged into its current state where youth were hired as vendors to disrupt meetings. peaceful politics. or elections.

He said: “The Nigerian youth consultation shows how disappointed the youth are with the nonchalant attitude our government displays on issues that bother the majority of Nigerians. From insecurity to employment and education, just to name a few. The country lacks visionary and empathetic leaders who understand the pain that an average Nigerian goes through and can communicate with their needs.

“Politicians are fueling disunity and violence for political ends. Young Nigerians point to politicians as one of the main causes of disunity in the country. During elections, we have seen and heard our politicians play the tribal and religious card to win votes, thus causing national tension in that state or community. Not only that, young people also express disappointment that most politicians finance campaigns to disrupt peaceful assemblies or elections.

“When people in power and in charge of affairs are to blame for disturbing our peace and unity, how can there be unity? This is a concern that needs to be addressed if we really want to see unity.

“Because of the selfishness of our leaders, most Nigerians just want ‘japa’ to a foreign country. The country now has a system that rewards unpatriotic citizens or leaders with political appointments and office and the patriots fade away. Political leaders are more interested in sharing the national pie that only favors the elite.”

Speaking about the agitation for secession, Oshunkoya said that some agitating groups are disrupting the dream of a new Nigeria because they feel marginalized.

According to him, the government must dialogue with the separatist groups on their concerns without force or violence and reach common ground.

“We believe that the federal structure of this country should be such that citizens do not feel marginalized. No tribe, religion, or geopolitical area should have more seats at the national table than others. If this deadline is not renegotiated, the country will continue to experience turmoil that is a threat to our dream country.

“Our diversity is a strength and must be harnessed for collective and untapped prosperity: young people do not want their diversity to be used as a tool to create disunity and disturb the peace in the country. Our diversity must be a source of strength that must be used for collective prosperity.

“The principle of federal character should be encouraged and the federal appointment should be shared equally among all tribes. This, the young people believe, will solve the problem of agitators who want to divide the country. For peace and unity, No tribe should be more favored than another. All Nigerians should be given a chance and a table at the federal headquarters, federal character designation should be encouraged,” Oshunkoya said.

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