Postal Service commits to move to all-electric delivery fleet –

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a big boost to President Joe Biden’s promise to eliminate gasoline-powered vehicles from the growing federal fleet, the Postal Service said Tuesday it will significantly increase the number of electric-powered delivery trucks, and that they will be totally electric. for new purchases from 2026.

The Post Office said it is spending nearly $10 billion to electrify its aging fleet, including installing modern charging infrastructure at hundreds of postal facilities across the country and purchasing at least 66,000 electric delivery trucks in the next five years. The spending includes $3 billion in funding approved under a landmark health and climate policy adopted by Congress last year.

The White House hailed the announcement as a way to maintain reliable mail service for Americans while modernizing the fleet, reducing operating costs and increasing clean air in neighborhoods across the country.

“This is Biden’s climate strategy on wheels and the US Postal Service delivering for the American people,” said White House climate adviser Ali Zaidi.

The new plan “sets the Postal fleet on an electrification course, significantly reduces vehicle miles traveled on the network, and puts the USPS at the forefront of the clean transportation revolution,” added John Podesta, senior adviser to the House. White.

The US government operates the largest fleet of vehicles in the world, and the Postal Service is the largest fleet in the federal government with more than 220,000 vehicles, one-third of the total US fleet. USPS announcement “It sets the standard for the rest of the federal government and, more importantly, for the rest of the world,” the White House said.

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