9 Advantages of Utilising Printed Shadecloth for Your Business

Advertising with printed shadecloth is just one type of outdoor advertising. Like its cousins in the outdoor advertising spectrum, printed shade cloth has numerous benefits that you can enjoy when you utilise them for your marketing. This article discusses several benefits.

Maximise your creativity

Quickly and effortlessly design your logo onto a commercial-grade mesh banner to bring more attention to your business. Most printed shadecloth and banner mesh providers provide digital design services, so you will see a mockup before the product is printed. It gives you the power to select for yourself the one you like.

Low cost

Competent project managers utilise printed banner mesh and printed shade cloth as a professional outdoor advertising medium that keeps to a budget. Other alternatives require thousands of copies to be printed and distributed. With one high-quality print, you know exactly where your budget is going.

Engineered to last 

The materials utilised to create printed shade cloth are engineered to endure various climates. Since the printing process is designed for the outdoors, you can rest assured that it is not possible for the ink to scratch off or run. The most solid type of shade cloth is engineered from HDPE which is durable under the harshest weather conditions. You are sure that it will never disintegrate.

Customisation of fit

What is so unique about printed banner mesh is that every banner is made for one specific project. It is available in various colours as well as sizes to maximise the space. The size can be designed to fit your space requirements. It saves you time searching for designs and other features that will match the dimensions of the area.

Optimum exposure

You will see your logo draped across a vast multi-story building. Shade cloths are designed to be visible to the public, including drivers and pedestrians. Its purpose is to give the public awareness about your brand. One of those passersby may be a potential client who discovered your contact information printed on the shade cloth you put up.

Extremely functional

Aside from promotional purposes, printed shade cloths are an optimum tool for environmental protection for the area it protects. The materials are Eco friendly and provide optimum UV sun protection. It mitigates dampness and promotes ventilation.

Consistent design

In contrast to other screen-printed designs, printed shade cloth is printed utilising computers and digital scanners. Meaning that the designs are printed on the surface is not so different from each other. What was being used as a reference from the computer to the printer is the same intended to be placed on the final product.

Erosion and sediment control

The material has a capacity for erosion and sediment mitigation. Aside from being utilised in advertising, printed shade cloth can be utilised together with dust fencing to keep the sediments limited inside the construction site area. Aside from looking well-designed and fancy, printed shade cloth advertisements also help you meet your requirements under laws and regulations regarding on-site erosion and sediment control.


The manufacturing process is eco-friendly. Printed shade cloth utilises environmentally friendly materials. Meaning during their manufacture, you are not contributing to carbon footprint and damage that already impacts the planet.

Printed shade cloths are the best way to enhance the visibility of your brand to the public. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective advertisement that also has a functional purpose. Utilising it in a construction site helps protect the area from both harmful UV rays and debris.


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