Quiet Buds Ear Plugs Review! Is Constant Noise Driving You Crazy?

Quiet Buds Ear Plugs ReviewQuiet Buds Ear Plugs Review: Noise Cancelling like the QuietBuds are many, but some of them do not live up to their promises. A good headphone should not only provide a rich sound but also make a good connection at the same time. Some models still have the problem that they do not connect properly with Bluetooth, or break the established connection again and again.

However, high-quality headphones still cost an extremely high price. But that does not have to be that way. A good example of this is Apple’s AirPods. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a high budget. We would, therefore, like to present a few headphones today that look quite similar and can offer good functions.

About Quiet Buds Ear Plugs?

The Quiet Buds are in-ear headphones that are very similar to those from Apple. They bring the same case and also the possibility that you can load the plugs in it. In addition to a full sound, they do not have any connection problems when you connect them to your phone or tablet. Even on the computer, they are a good addition. There is also a long battery life, which can remain in standby for up to 100 hours.

Quiet Buds

Aim Of Quiet Buds Ear Plugs

Especially when you are travelling a lot, you also like to listen to music. This is no problem in the car thanks to the integrated radio. However, this advantage does not exist in public transport, or even simply on the street. There are now countless people who take their MP3 player with them on the go or use their mobile phone as such. However, the headphones available for this are often expensive. Especially if you want to buy a product that delivers quality.

However, the in-ear headphones presented here do just that. They contain good sound and are not difficult to connect. Thanks to long battery life, the right music is always provided on the go, and the case is also able to recharge the plugs at any time on the go. Therefore, they become an indispensable utensil that you no longer want to leave at home.

QuietBuds Reviews

Why You Need Quiet Buds Ear Plugs?

The Bluetooth headphones are aimed at everyone who would like to listen to good music on the go, which is not distorted by any errors. In addition, those who rely on great comfort also benefit from the product. The in-ear headphones deliver both and can even be recharged on the go. In principle, every age group can make use of it, whether young or old.

The same applies to gender. Both women and men enjoy the plugs. They also represent a cheap alternative to the original from Apple. Accordingly, they are also appealing to those who have a slightly smaller budget.

Quiet Buds Ear Plugs

How Is The QuietBuds Ear Plugs Used?

The way it is used is very similar to the original. The in-ear headphones are charged in the case. Quite simply via a USB connection. This only takes a few hours. Then they are simply coupled to the respective device. Bluetooth is usually activated by default on many smartphones and tablets. If this is not the case, you can do this in the settings.

Then the Bluetooth headphones appear on the list, so you only have to select them. They finally couple independently and can be used. When used in the ears, the system recognizes that they should play the music. If the battery charge runs out towards the end, they are simply taken out of the ear and put into the supplied case. The plugs then recharge so that you can use them again relatively quickly.

Advantages Of QuietBuds Ear Plugs

Like every gadget, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to explain below. After all, it is important to be clear about these properties. This can also affect your purchase decision:

QuietBuds Reviews


  • simple application
  • easy connect option
  • long battery life
  • good sound
  • also suitable for calls
  • compatible with iOS, Android and almost all other systems
  • current technology is supported


  • not known

As you can see from these lists, the Bluetooth headphones only bring advantages. They are easy to use and support the latest technology. They connect extremely easily to the systems and are compatible with almost every one of them.

The long battery life makes long-term use possible, which is why they are always ready for use on the go. Of course, an excellent sound is also guaranteed. Accordingly, an all-round sensible and good product that only has advantages.

Quiet Buds Ear Plugs

QuietBuds Ear Plugs Test and Quality Performance

Of course, we wanted to convince ourselves of the abilities of the in-ear headphones and tried them out. We ordered several and tested them. Even when unpacking we had the feeling that quality is involved. They made a good impression, so we wanted to try them right away. Both the plugs and the case feel very valuable.

The connection was established within a few seconds after we activated Bluetooth. Finally, we ran some music. Highs, lows and bass appear balanced and are in no way overdriven. The use turned out to be very comfortable, which is why they left a solid impression on us. Each of us tested them over a period of four weeks. During this time, the quality of none of the devices deteriorated.

Incidentally, it was also a great way to take calls. The person opposite had a clear sound and was in no way under or overdriven. Overall, we rate the Bluetooth headphones very positively and can recommend them without hesitation.

Quiet Buds Ear Plugs Technical Details

Now we come to the technical properties of the headphones that we were able to determine. So here is a list:

  • good quality and workmanship
  • current Bluetooth standard A2DP1.3, HSP1.2, AVRCP1.6, D11
  • high range
  • long battery life, up to 100 hours standby
  • Also suitable for calls thanks to the integrated microphone
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems, including iOS, Android and more
  • good value for money

Its technical characteristics prove that it can keep up well with other models from today. The headphones are ideal for listening to music as well as on calls.

QuietBuds Reviews

Our Overall Review About QuietBuds

Overall, we can only give the product a good rating because it fulfils all the requirements that you would expect from a product like this. He plays music in an excellent version, does not look scratchy or overdriven. The handling is convincing across the board, which is why we are happy to recommend the device without hesitation.

If you want, you can use the manufacturer’s offers to save a lot of money. Nobody takes a risk here. The headphones are definitely worth buying.

How To Buy Quiet Buds Ear Plugs?

Ideally directly from the manufacturer. He sells his products via his own website, where he regularly offers special offers. Within these, it is possible to purchase several models of in-ear headphones, each one cheaper. This means that the more you order, the cheaper the whole thing will be.

So it is worth ordering several at once and checking back on the website from time to time. In this way, you can not only give away the headphones but also have a model with you everywhere. The order is very easy, plus a very comfortable way of payment. There are several options available. These include credit card and PayPal, both of which can be used as very risk-free payment methods.

After ordering, it only takes a few days for the goods to arrive and you can use them immediately. The manufacturer also offers its customers the option to send the product back if they are not satisfied. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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