Reactions follow Akinwunmi Adesina’s call for the African diaspora to return home

The President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Akinwumi Adesinahe recently caused a stir on social media with his call for the African diaspora to come home.

He said it is time for Africans to rise up as one and work together to put the continent on the path of growth and development. He said:

  • “That all the diaspora of Africa, sons and daughters, regardless of the place of birth, voluntarily or not, return to Africa and invest in Africa.”

How people reacted: Since then, Akinwumi’s call has sparked reactions from many people who have expressed their views on the issue. A Twitter user identified as Lagos’ cinematographer said:

  • “There is no need to tell them, if the country is fine, they will be willing to do it. If my children leave home and prefer to stay in school after the holidays, I have failed as a parent. I should be held accountable for how I managed my household, not blame my children for their choice.”

Some users highlighted the reasons why the AfDB president’s warning is not enough. One of them is a user identified as SizZzle who pointed out how much Nigerians in the diaspora contribute to the economy.

  • “In 2021 alone, the Nigerian diaspora remitted $20 billion. Representing 4 whole times the total FDI in the country in the same period. These are the Horrible Ideas that your Generation postulates that can NEVER Work in the New world. Going home without electricity, security, roads or water?

Omombala pointed to Nigeria’s security challenges as another reason many Nigerians abroad are reluctant to return home. This point was supported by Dr. Uju Anya, a Nigerian professor in the US who said:

  • “Say it again! You don’t know how much it hurts me that I can’t return and retire in my homeland due to lack of security, infrastructure, patriarchal suffocation in society and no freedom to live and love my partner in peace as a lesbian.”

Kemi Olunloyo, who returned to Nigeria a few years after working in the US for years, gave more reasons why people are reluctant to return. She said:

  • “Give us light sir. We need electricity. There is no gasoline anywhere, empty generators”.

Others pointed out that going back and investing in Nigeria is not a problem. Instead, the problem lies in thwarting government policies and the country’s macroeconomic challenges.

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