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The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, once again made a sharp reflection on the effectiveness of the “total peace” policythat has been championed by his Government, in which it is intended to finalize a cessation of violence with various criminal organizations in Colombia.

From Buenaventura, the Colombian president pointed out that in the midst of the cases of violence that have been registered in several regions of the country, such as the most recent one that was registered in the department of Cauca, with the bloody ambush perpetrated by the dissidents of the Farc that It left six soldiers dead and several more wounded, if the desire for peace in the country really materializes.

“This morning I visited the wounded soldiers in the hospital, the surviving soldiers, I visited the territory and spoke with the population that lives there, a fairly populous town, with an almost exclusively Afro population in the mountains closest to Santander de Quilichao that to the sea , and without a doubt one begins to think if the peace effort can really materialize in ColombiaPetro kept.

And he added in his speech: “With the gaze of both the soldiers and the people who suffered at dawn on Tuesday of this week for several hours, the bursts, the grenades, the despair, the loss of friends.”

“Not being able to do anything, the screams of the survivors, sometimes let’s say that one would say that Colombia is condemned to a kind of perpetual violence, which varies over time, which is transforming,” said the head of state.

Visit of President Petro to wounded soldiers

The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, visited the soldiers who were injured in the brutal ambush perpetrated by the Farc dissidents in that region of the country. The incident also left six soldiers dead. The president made the visit in the midst of a hectic work schedule that he has been carrying out in the department of Cauca.

President Gustavo Petro visited wounded soldiers in Cauca – Photo: Presidency

The Colombian president sent a message of support to the military who remain under strict medical observation at the Fundación Valle de Lili University Hospital in Cali.

The national government announced that the president is visiting seven of the eight members of the National Army who were injured in the attack in Buenos Aires, Cauca. Petro is accompanied by the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, and the military leadership.

“It is about a lieutenant and six soldiers, young people between the ages of 19 and 29, who are under permanent medical observation. The eighth wounded uniformed man was discharged in the last few hours,” Casa de Nariño explained.

Alert to Farc dissidents

The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, spoke this Tuesday of this week on the policy of “total peace” that his Government has been leading, given the recent violent events that have stained several regions of the country with blood, especially in Putumayo. , Arauca and Cauca.

In a speech given by the Colombian president, visibly upset by the bloody ambush that took place in Cauca, at the hands of Farc dissidents and in which four soldiers died in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Buenos Aires, The Head of State referred to the efficiency that a peace process should have.

In his statement, he was direct and delivered a message to the illegal armed criminal groups and clarified that his government, at the time of making a peace-seeking policy, “is not giving permission for these illegal structures to go around.” Nor is he giving permission for violence to escalate in the country, a situation that, according to Petro, he will not tolerate.

“There must be a will for peace, there cannot be a space in the minds of the people who today exercise violence, believing that an option for dialogue is an option to take advantage of to increase the conditions for the construction of an economy,” Petro argued.

He noted: “We are not giving permission to make noise, we are giving permission to definitively end violence and move to territories such as the case of Buenaventura, [donde] can be consolidated as a common area of ​​prosperity, leaving the exclusion of the territory”.

“Permits to move on to a life in which one can collaborate precisely in the common effort to build a nation, is not preparing the military conditions through which the weakness or error of the counterpart is taken advantage of to kill young people,” Petro stressed in through the act of promotion to the rank of second lieutenants of the National Army.

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