Ringo Starr had an ‘incredibly intimate’ relationship with another rock star who wanted to take his place in The Beatles

Ringo Starr he was more than the Beatles’ master of rhythm. He was also a buffer between the other band members and someone who never lost his warm personality as his fame grew. Ringo and his wife lived like simple people, even when they were millionaires. he he had a down to earth reaction when John Lennon brought Yoko Ono into the inner circle of The Beatles. She made friends easily and Ringo formed an intimate relationship with another drummer who wanted to take his job in The Beatles.

Ringo Starr | Bettmann/fake images

Ringo Starr had no problem making friends, and not just because he was in The Beatles

His drumming skills made Ringo a much sought after musician in Liverpool. George Harrison praised Ringo’s playing before i knew her namebut his importance to The Beatles went beyond his drumming.

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