Robotics is changing the way we fight cancer –

(NewsNation) — More than 600,000 Americans they are expected to die of cancer in 2022, an outcome that is often the result of late diagnosis. That’s particularly true for lung cancer, which accounts for one in four cancer deaths.

“Although the statistics are declining, (lung cancer) remains the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide,” said Dr. Janani Reisenauer, a thoracic surgeon and interventional pulmonologist. “Most of the time, people don’t notice any symptoms until it’s much later in their stage and it’s harder to treat.”

Robotic bronchoscopy, a procedure in which the doctor uses a small robotic arm to enter the airways of the lungs and take a biopsy, aims to change that.

Reisenauer was one of the first in the country to test this technology during clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic, beginning in 2019. His research shows that this method is more precisethey can reach further into the lungs and has fewer complications.

“Knowing that the statistics are what they are, if we can figure out how to stop (lung) cancer in its tracks, it has profound implications for the general population,” he said.

NewsNation spoke with Reisenauer about the promise of robotic bronchoscopy in preventing deaths and changing the way cancer is treated.

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