Round of 16 ramifications for the Soceroos, how can Australia qualify?

Doha: The chase for thirteen is now just nine, with the Netherlands, Senegal, USA and England moving to R16. Today’s day presents some of the exciting matches of the world cup, Poland vs Argentina Y denmark vs australia between two others.

In the middle of searching for the next round, where are the men from Kangaroo Land? Can the Socceroos play the next round where they may have to face Argentina?

If Australia beat Denmark

The Socceroos currently have three points, while Denmark have just one. So a win means the first one moves to R16. However, the table position is based on France vs Tunisia. If France win or tie, Australia by beating Denmark will be second. If France lose and by a good goal margin, the Socceroos take the lead. France have a goal difference of +5.

If Australia draw against Denmark

Scenario 1: The Socceroos will have 4 points and Denmark 2, meaning Denmark are out. If France defeat or draw against Tunisia, The Socceroos will move to R16 with 4 points as second in the table.

Scenario 2: What happens if Tunisia wins? If Tunisia wins the match against France. The Tunisians and Australia tied with 4 points. Tunisia have a better goal difference than Australia and will progress to the round of 16.

If Denmark beat Australia

Denmark’s victory means Australia is coming home. The Danes will accumulate four points. The latter has only three points. The fight is then between Denmark and Tunisia if they beat France. In such a scenario, the goal difference becomes very important.

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