Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: True Wireless Headphones with Decisive Improvement

Samsung has apparently planned a successor to its True Wireless headphones, which could soon be released. Here is the information about the “Galaxy Buds Plus” so far.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The first Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 appeared in March 2019 and convinced Samsung fans and testers: Small, light and decent sound – the Korean company has developed headphones that do not hide from Apple’s AirPod. Meanwhile, Cupertino has supplemented with the AirPods Pro with Noise Canceling and set the bar for Earbuds again a bit up.

“Samsung Galaxy Buds 2”: A support page is already online

The Sammobile magazine is certain: A recent Korean Samsung support site for a product called the “SM-R175” * concerns the highly anticipated successor to the Galaxy Buds (“SM-R170”). The new model should not be called “Galaxy Buds 2”, but start as “Galaxy Buds +” in the sale. But it is also possible to retain the current name, that is “Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 (2020)”.

The exact release date is not known, but the support page can be seen as an indication of an early start. Experience has shown that Samsung has no inhibitions about bringing newer versions of its products onto the market within just a few months – think of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which appeared half a year after its predecessor Galaxy Watch Active. The next major Samsung release will be the Galaxy S11, the flagship smartphone, probably in February 2020. It is quite possible that this then the appropriate True Wireless headphones are set aside.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 SM-R170 – You Need To Know

wireless headphones in an in-ear design
up to 13 hours running time
with AKG sound and headset function

What features can we expect from the “Samsung Galaxy Buds 2”?

What the rumour mill says you have to be treated with caution as always. Sammobile throws the colour variants black, white, blue and pink into the room. The True Wireless headphones should also be equipped with 8 GB of internal memory (- the current model has no internal memory).

The biggest question, for the time being, is whether Samsung is also installing Active Noise Canceling (ANC) on the “Galaxy Buds 2” – a useful feature with which, among others, the AirPods Pro and the Libratone Track Air Plus can already score points. Certainly, some Samsung customers are waiting for this because the company currently has no Earbuds with ANC in their program. On the other hand, this feature should also drive the price of the headphones in the air.

With the Samsung Galaxy Buds, you can hear music wirelessly on the go, but you can also use it as a headset. The charging case provides for mobile energy replenishment. At the sound, the experts of AKG had their fingers in the game.

The Galaxy Buds SM-R170 are earphones that you can pair via Bluetooth (up to 10 m range) with your smartphone. Among the biggest advantages of this product, besides the low weight (only 8 g), is high sound quality. According to the manufacturer, this is due in part to the vote by the experts of the HiFi brand AKG.

The power supply ensures integrated batteries. So music playback times of up to 6 hours are possible. A highlight, however, is the included charging case . With this you can buy the Galaxy Budsload on the way and come to a total of 13 hours runtime. Incidentally, the headphones available in black, white or yellow are not just for music playback. With 2 microphones and the HFP or HSP profile (hands-free and headset profile), this kit is even an alternative to classic hands-free kits. The only downside is thus, as in the case of the Apple AirPods, the relatively high price.

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