Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Fitness Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was presented together with the Galaxy S10 and appears as a sporty smartwatch. Meanwhile, the price of the smart fitness watch has dropped significantly. For Cyber ​​Monday Amazon sells the smartwatch at the absolute best price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Smartwatch for athletes

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Sporty elegance

With its sleek and frameless design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active presents itself as a smartwatch for an active lifestyle. It also offers a long battery life and a versatile range of smart features that can enrich the personal fitness program and everyday life. The sporty smartwatch is made of high-quality materials. The aluminium watch body and the included fluororubber strap are lightweight and durable.

During training, different types of activity are automatically detected. In other words, you can just start without having to deal with attitudes. With outdoor workouts, you can always keep track thanks to the precise localization and easily follow the routes covered afterwards. Come in the rain or go swimming, the smart watch can remain on the wrist. The Galaxy Watch Active is protected against water. If you also wear the smartwatch at night, an exact evaluation of the sleep phases will be available the next morning. At home, compatible smart home devices can also be controlled directly from the Galaxy Watch Active.

Sporty smartwatch with high-quality materials
The elegant, frameless design with the changeable bracelet
Extensive fitness and wellness functions
Up to 45 hours of battery life
Built-in memory for hundreds of favourite songs as MP3 or Spotify playlist
Precise location
Water protected up to 5 ATM
Compatible with many Galaxy, Android and iOS smartphones
Compact, slim and extremely attractive

The Galaxy Watch Active looks not only fantastic with its frameless design, but thanks to its compact size look great on a slim wrist. A large selection of dials makes for an individual look no boredom. If you want more variety or customization for a specific occasion, the standard bracelet can be exchanged for optional 20 mm bracelets made of materials such as leather, textile or metal.

High-quality material choice

The Galaxy Watch Active utilizes aluminium for the case and fluoro rubber for the included strap. While the sturdy metal allows the fine look and the low weight of 46 g, the soft bracelet pleases with its pronounced resistance combined with high wearing comfort.

Extensive fitness functions

The Galaxy Watch Active is designed for people who pursue an active and conscious lifestyle. Various activities such as walking, running or rowing and dynamic workouts are recorded automatically. Many more can be started manually. If you pause while exercising, the watch can automatically detect the stages as part of a contiguous workout. The versatile functions can be operated via the large touch screen and the buttons on the right side of the housing. Swipe gestures provide easy access to commonly used widgets and features.

Defies the elements

The smartwatch is protected against the ingress of water (5ATM / IP68). This allows you to wear the Galaxy Watch Active not only in a rain shower or while showering, but also while swimming.

Analyze sleep quality

If you wear the Galaxy Watch Active also at night, the automatic sleep recording can record four different sleep phases and help with the objective evaluation of the sleep quality. For this purpose, the Samsung Health app of connected compatible smartphone displays in a sleep profile how the individual phases (awake, REM, light sleep, and deep sleep) were distributed. The findings can be used to identify the individually suitable sleep duration, bedtime and getting-up-time.

Close connection with the smartphone

With many Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy Watch Active can make a close connection: If you set a reminder for the smartphone or the example on the Do Not Disturb status, this is also automatically transferred to the Galaxy Watch Active. If you find out during your trip that you have not taken the inductive charging station with you, the Smartwatch battery can be charged wirelessly via the wireless PowerShare function of a compatible smartphone.

Music centre on the wrist

If you listen to music on the go, your smartphone can stay at home. Songs can be preloaded into the smartwatch storage via the pre-installed music streaming app, Spotify, and then listened to through compatible Bluetooth headphones. Even with a connected compatible smartphone, various playback functions can be controlled from the wrist, without having to take the smartphone out of his pocket.

Smart functions

The Galaxy Watch Active can keep you up to date with messages, calls, or appointment alerts received on your smartphone. E-mails, instant messages or text messages can be quickly answered from the watch with various standard texts or voice commands, without having to touch the phone.

Comfortable smart home control

With the Galaxy Watch Active on the wrist, you can use the SmartThings app to control various functions of compatible smart home devices. Smart luminaires, for example, can be switched on and off and dimmed, the TV program can be changed, networked loudspeakers can be used and smart thermostats can be controlled.

Update from 02.12.2019: The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is sold by Amazon as part of the “Cyber ​​Monday” for only 129 euros * . With that, Amazon undercuts all dealers and demands the best price.

The normal Galaxy Watch is a classic smartwatch with a large bezel and massive housing. Samsung has developed with the Galaxy Watch Active a smaller version that is not so noticeable and is more intended for sports. The price of 249 euros has fallen noticeably in recent weeks, as you can see in the following graphic:

Saturn is currently running an action where the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will be sold in every colour for the price of 199 euros *. That’s the best price for a big dealer. Smaller providers on eBay demand about 6 euros less.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active so special?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is primarily smaller, lighter and less noticeable than the manufacturer’s previous watches. The round display measures 1.1 inches, the watch weighs only 46 grams with a bracelet and is hardly noticeable on the arm. The case is made of metal, the back of the glass. There is also built-in sensor, with which one can measure the heart rate during the day or sports. Operation is via touch screen, there is no longer a bezel. As operating system Tizen is used. With the right app for your smartphone, you can evaluate the collected data and view it on a large screen. You can change the bracelet yourself. The width is 20 mm. More details you will get in the video and in the test.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: For whom is the purchase worthwhile?

First and foremost for people who are looking for the smallest possible smartwatch without a lot of bells and whistles and want to wear it for sports. That’s exactly what the Galaxy Watch Active is designed for. It almost looks like a mix of big fitness tracker and small smartwatch. If you want to replace a normal watch, should rather resort to the Samsung Galaxy Watch .

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