‘Sister Wives’: 4 Times Robyn Wasn’t Loving And Kind To Her Sister Wives In Season 1

In the episode of December 4, sister wivesKody Brown tells his second wife, Janelle Brown, that she didn’t welcome him back his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. She said that Robyn came into the family, she treated everyone “very nicely” and that she did not receive the same type of treatment. Kody and Robyn have been complaining about this for a while. It was one of the reasons Kody says he fell in love with his third wife, Christine Brown.

However, after seeing again sister wives Season 1, the truth was very different from what Kody and Robyn remember. Here are four ways Robyn wasn’t nice to her sister wives when she came into the family. These cases show how Robyn demanded more than she gave.

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