‘Sister Wives’ Buzzwords the Brown Family Needs to Stop Using After Season 17

sister wives fans are waiting for the recap of season 17 of the famous TLC reality show. This season has been one of the most dramatic and popular. There is another reason why the 17th season of the series is so popular; viewers finally get honesty from the Browns. During the last few years, it often felt as if the family spoke in code, carefully selecting buzzwords and phrases to hide their true feelings. While they’ve been more honest than ever in Season 17, Kody Brown, meir brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown still rely on buzzwords to get their messages across. We’d love to see them retire these phrases.

The Entire Brown Family Uses The Word ‘Safe’ Far Too Often As ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Wraps Up

Have you noticed how often brown adults talk about feeling safe? Christine Brown is the most egregious user of this particular buzzword. Several times over the years, she has said that a conversation doesn’t feel “safe” or that a person isn’t “safe” for her. While we commend Christine for taking steps to defend herself, we can’t help but note that the use of the phrase can be a bit toxic in her own way.

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