‘Sister Wives’ fans catch Robyn Brown ‘manipulating Kody in real time’ in season 17 finale

In the sister wives Season 17 finale, Kody Brown finally takes responsibility for an outburst during the family reunion. His fourth wife, Robyn Brown, immediately apologized for his behavior. sister wives fans are convinced this is proof that Robyn “manipulated Kody in real time.” This is what they had to say.

Robyn Brown, season 17 of ‘Sister Wives’ | FTA

Kody apologizes for an emotional outburst and Robyn makes excuses

In the episode of December 11, sister wives, Kody becomes upset after hearing that all of his and Janelle’s adult children are going back to Flagstaff, Arizona for Christmas without telling him. He freaks out at the “betrayal” in an emotional outburst. Janelle gets tired of being “beaten into submission” and walks away from her. After reluctantly going back to listen to it, Kody apologized to the group.

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