‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s Biggest Fear Has Nothing To Do With Her 3 Broken Marriages

sister wives star kody brownThe drive to create a large family with many wives was unlike anything TLC viewers had previously seen in the series’ 2010 debut. It seemed committed to a doctrine that seemed logistically impossible for everyone involved to be happy. Fast forward 12 years, and no one in the Brown family, including Kody, seems satisfied. However, Kody admitted to a fear that seems to drive him to continue with the series, even with three broken marriages in his wake.

kody brown | TLC/YouTube

Season 17 pulled back the curtain on the many cracks in the Brown family

Throughout season 17 of sister wives, Kody failed in what appeared to be three of her four marriages. In previous seasons, he seemed like he wanted to do whatever he could to keep Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and christina brown glad. Currently, most of his wives were left alone, while Kody stayed close to the only woman who fit his desire for patriarchy, robin brown.

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