Skyesports SEA Valorant Championship: Bleed Esports Wins $15,000 Jackpot By Beating Team MiTH –

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The Skyesports Valorant SEA Championship finally came to a close with Bleed Esports taking home the championship title. The team only lost one map during the entire event. In the Grand Final against Maid in Thailand (MiTH), Bleed defeated them by a score of 3-1.

Skyesports SEA Championship of Valorant is presented by AMD and powered by Ampverse with a total prize pool of $30,000. A total of four teams have qualified for the playoff stage of both the Indian Qualifier and the SEA Qualifier. The Playoff stage featured a prize pool of $22,500. The four qualified teams are GodSquad (Global Esports), Velocity Gaming, Made in Thailand, and Bleed Esports.

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Bleed Esports won the Skyesports Valorant SEA Championship

Image via Skyesports

The playoffs were scheduled for November 23-25. Following the course of three days of intense competition from the four aforementioned ranked teams, Bleed Esports has managed to win the championship along with the lion’s share of the $15,000 prize pool.

Bleed Esports has edged out GodSquad and Made in Thailand (MiTH) in the Upper Brackett semi-final and final, respectively, to go straight to the playoffs.

Made in Thailand, on the other hand, defeated Velocity Gaming in the top bracket semifinal and tied horns with Bleed Esports in the top bracket final. Facing a loss in the UB finals, Made in Thailand placed in the LB finals against GodSquad, who defeated Velocity Gaming to get there.

MiTH faced off against BLEED in the grand finals after defeating Global Esports. MiTH was ready to seek revenge after losing to them once, and what better place to do it than in the grand final?

The best-of-five grand finals didn’t go all the way, but MiTH (Made in Thailand) definitely fought hard and held on for as long as he could, giving his best and making Bleed fight every inch of the way. Bleed Esports had a near-perfect run at the Skyesports SEA Championship, losing just one map out of eight against GodSquad (2) and MiTH (6).

Bleed Esports came out triumphant with a ‘3-1’ series victory, leaving MiTH with an overall record of five wins and one loss against them.

Skyesports SEA Championship was an intriguing competition pitting elite teams from two regions against each other on a level playing field, with both Indian teams flying to Bangkok, Thailand to make up for ping differences.

The event also saw the highest stakes Val’Clasico match ever played in the lower bracket semi-final, followed by the current Global Esports Indian roster playing their final match together before the VCT 2023 roster change.

As mentioned above, the playoff leg of this B-tier tournament featured a $22,500 prize pool of which Bleed Esports took home $15,000, while the runners-up received $6,500 as prize money.

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