Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational: Team XO Becomes Champion With Rs 1.75 Lakhs, S8UL Runners Up –

The Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational is finally over, with Team XO taking home the championship title after turning in some outstanding gameplay on the second day of the event. During the 2 rounds of the grand final, the team scored a total of 129 points and secured four victories in nine games. Fan Favorites Team S8UL, who recently announced their New State roster, finished the event as runner-up after taking second place with 119 points by securing three wins.

It was Team Godlike who became the second runner-up for the event by finishing in third place with 113 points. Gods Reign and Chemin Esports finished in fourth and fifth position, respectively. Even without winning a single match, Gods Reign maintained a strong position on the overall leaderboards. Skylightz Gaming, who had led the Semifinals, collapsed in the Finals, scoring just 46 points.

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Team XO emerged as the Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational champions

Snapdragon Conquest New State Mobile Invitational announced a prize pool of Rs 5,00,000. Of the 32 teams invited, only 16 of the best teams were able to reach the Grand Final after two weeks of intense competition in the Group Stage.

Hosted by Tesseract Esports, the event has invited 32 of the best and best teams from India. All of the invited teams have played on the BGMI esports circuit. This event has been fruitful for fans who longed to see their favorite teams and players in action. According to their expectations, this tournament brought back the joy of BGMI esports, which was absent all these days.

Here is the overall tournament standings after Day 2 of the Grand Final:

  1. XO Team – 129 Points
  2. S8UL Esports – 119 Points
  3. Divine Esports: 113 points
  4. Reign of Gods – 110 Points
  5. Chemin Esports – 91 Points
  6. Big Brothers Esports: 88 points
  7. TKS Esports – 86 Points
  8. Revenant Esports – 76 Points
  9. Feline Team – 76 Points
  10. Insane Esports Team – 75 Points
  11. TWO – 61 Points
  12. Skylightz Games – 46 points
  13. R Esports -39 Points
  14. Tamilas Team – 15 Points
  15. Marcos Gaming – 37 Points
  16. Bad Devils – 33 points

During the first day, S8UL and Team XO performed well and were the top two teams. They were only one point apart from each other in the overall leader board. As the second day began, both teams continued to display exceptional expertise, battling head to head until the bitter end.

XO was able to finish first in two matches on both days of the Grand Final, while S8UL was only able to win three, and this proved to be the deciding factor as a difference of just 10 points distanced the two teams in the end.

Prize Fund Distribution

The prize pool of Rs 5 lakhs is distributed among the teams as follows:

  • 1st Place – XO Team – Rs 1,75,000
  • 2nd Place – S8UL Esports – Rs 75,000
  • 3rd place – Godlike Esports – Rs 50,000
  • 4th place – Gods Reign – Rs 40,000
  • 5th place – Chemin Esports – Rs35,000
  • 6th place – Big Brother Esports – Rs 30,000
  • 7th place – TKS Esports – Rs 25,000
  • 8th place – Revenant Esports – Rs 20,000
  • 9th place – Feline Team – Rs 12,500
  • 10th place – iSNANE Team – Rs 12,500
  • 11th place – TWO – 10,000 rupees
  • 12th place – Team Tamilas – Rs 10,000
  • 13th Place: Skylightz Gaming: Rs 7,500
  • 14th place – R Esports – Rs 7500
  • 15th place – Mark – Rs 7500
  • 16th place – Bad Devils – Rs 7500

The finals on day 2 recorded a live audience of 11K, which tells us that the Indian esports community has not slumped due to the absence of BGMI and is picking up the pace with new titles.

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