Spain described AMLO’s criticism of King Felipe VI as “incomprehensible”

Spain rejected AMLO’s statements (Twitter / @SOMOS_XALAPA)

the government of spain He showed rejection Faced with the most recent statements by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who on December 16 assured that Mexico’s relationship with the European country is still on hold due to a disrespectful attitude on his part.

In a statement, the Spanish government assured that “these statements are incomprehensible after a successful Binational Commission that has offered so many concrete results.”

Despite the fact that the European country was against the words of the Mexican president, they assured that they will continue in favor of strengthening binational ties. He pointed out that: “Spain will always favor the strengthening of fraternal, human, cultural, economic and educational ties between our two sister countries.

The 'pause' in Mexico-Spain relations is still in force, AMLO said (Photo: Infobae/@Jovani Perez)
The ‘pause’ in Mexico-Spain relations is still in force, AMLO said (Photo: Infobae/@Jovani Perez)

The Spanish government’s statements arose after López Obrador ruled that “the pause continues because there is no attitude of respect on his part”. She referred to a respectful letter sent to King Felipe VIwho did not reply to your message.

During his conference, AMLO also revived the controversy generated in the past by the Mexican government’s request to the Spanish for an apology for the events that occurred during the Conquest and the colonial era.

“When we told them that in order to start a new stage in relations with Spain, we considered a gesture of humility important by offering a apology for the extermination, repression and murder of native peoplesIt occurs to them that we thank them for coming to civilize us”, he reproached.

AMLO denied that the nationalization of Felipe Calderón influences in relation to Spain (Government of Mexico)
AMLO denied that the nationalization of Felipe Calderón influences in relation to Spain (Government of Mexico)

Instead, the Mexican president ruled out that the Spanish nationality granted to former presidents of Mexico It is a factor that affects the relationship between the two nations, despite the controversy that this has unleashed.

“To also comment that we are free and that Spain can give a visa to anyone, to any citizen and that, if former President Calderón, former President Peña, President Salinas decide to live there, they have the right to do so. The only thing that bothers me about this – it doesn’t bother me either, but rather it catches my attention and I always keep underlining it – is when they use double standards, double standards, hypocrisy, ”he insisted.

And it is that last December 14 it transpired that Felipe Calderon obtained a residence permit in Spain, presumably with the support of the former Spanish president, José María Aznar.

Calderón obtained Spanish nationality (Twitter/@FelipeCalderon)
Calderón obtained Spanish nationality (Twitter/@FelipeCalderon)

Aznar’s alleged intervention was pointed out by The country, medium that revealed that the former Mexican president was hired as a professor at the Atlantic Government Institute, an institution founded by him in 2014. This is how Calderón met the requirement of having a work contract to obtain residency.

In addition to Calderon, Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Enrique Peña Nieto have achieved nationalization. However, José Manuel Albores, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, denied irregularities in this process.

“They have applied for visas as do thousands of people every year. It is a procedure that is not discretionary, an administrative procedure and that is regulated,” said Albores in the framework of the XIII Meeting of the Mexico-Spain Binational Commission.

For his part, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, warned that Mexico will proceed legally in case of detecting any irregularity in the nationalization of former Mexican leaders. Regarding the “pause” in the bilateral relationship, he pointed out that “it would be very difficult for all the economic, personal, daily relationship that exists, to cease to exist.”


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