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(Know a band weirder than these people? Clue us in!)

If you’re in a weird band or know a weird band, email us at Or better yet, post a link here to the band’s website or YouTube videos so our whole community of weirdness connoisseurs can judge. Fun!

Publicists and labels: Please DO NOT add us to your general mailing lists. At least 90% of what you rep is not right for this site and you’ll be wasting your time and (mostly) ours. And DO NOT send us anything before it’s been released. We’re not that kind of music blog. We don’t do reviews and we don’t do “premieres.” If it’s not available to all of humanity in some form, we won’t write about it.

YouTube links or embeds welcome, and you can use a fake email address to post a comment…we just force you to take that extra step because it helps slow down the spambots. (Thanks for your patience, Just remember that email addresses are not posted to the site and a fake email address means we can’t contact you to let you know if we post one of your suggestions (although we forget to do that half the time, anyway).


1,644 thoughts on “Submit a Band

  1. Major A

    Something sensitive yet outraged, robust yet smooth, rhythmic and melodic, modern and primitive, simply rich and beautiful. Not just music, lyrically as well. All going on simultaneously. Sexually defined and asexual at the same time. Outspoken yet can hardly being described, still. Here they are: Senyawa.

    You are very welcome.

  2. Łukasz

    I just wanted to say I’m disappointed you haven’t listed here an Irish-English band called “Stump”, cuz they’re bloody legends of weirdnes and craft at once. Shame on you. Stump yourselves

  3. Finn Gibson

    Noemotion Goldmask is a masked rapper who often avoids rhyme schemes. His lyrics are very free verse and abstract, similar with that of James Joyce with the heavy use of free flowing thought.
    For fans of: MF DOOM, Captain Murphy [rapper], well produced instrumentals, alternative rap

  4. Aaron

    Batushka; a Black metal band whose stage show involves having their members dress up like possessed Russian Orthodox monks.

  5. clarkbattle

    Yowie – atonal and polyrhythmic yet accurate
    Chrome Hoof – Prog disco. Yes, you read that correctly.
    Behold… The Arctopus – crazy complex instra-metal trio
    Free Salamander Exhibit – the next incarnation of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    Idiot Flesh – The previous incarnation of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    Rich Woodson’s Ellipsis – Tightly coordinated but I challenge you to find any downbeat
    Tipographica – Japanese band with horns. Danceable 4/4, but you’d never know it.
    Shub Niggurath – French Klingon Opera. Almost as apocalyptic as…
    Univers Zero – Without a doubt, La Faulx is the most darkly sinister music ever recorded.
    Diamanda Galas – is even darker. She’s an operatic throat singing goth blues pianist from hell.
    Henry Cow – Why are they not already on your list?!!! Listen to Living in the Heart of the Beast.
    Clearly Beloved – Obscure family band with happy songs about fishermen in Flinstones costumes
    Non Credo – SF art duo with outre vocals like Meredith Monk+Joan LaBarbara’s lesbian love child.

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