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  1. Charlie Brown

    The Conformists

    A little known musical project from the minds of Phillie B (an alt-folk artist from San Diego, currently residing somewhere in the great Arizona wilderness) and Twisted Mr. Black (another San Diego based musician whose catalog suffers from a serious case of DID). A free form anything goes mishmash of noise pollution whose central theme was the there was no central theme. Every show was a complete disaster thought up almost completely on the spot and forced upon the unsuspecting audience of Ocean Beach Portugalia open mic attendees. Created as an answer to the ever present one note predictable movement of contemporary folk artist at these kinds of events, The Conformists were designed to at once challenge, confront, enlighten and expose the minds of those who bear witness.

    Below is a link to a performance where they donned the moniker “The Lost Cat Army of Neptune” and traumatized a 5 year old child to never trust a grown man in a cat mask. Enjoy!

  2. Ben

    Nihilist Spasm Band: Canadian noise band, pretty much the godfathers of the genre. They formed in 1965 and still exist in some fashion. Some great homemade instruments.

    Red Elvises: Russian-American surf/rockabilliy band. One guy plays a balalaika almost as big as him. Probably best known for their roll in the movie Six String Samurai.

    Boston Typewriter Orchestra: Orchestra might be a stretch, but they are from Boston and they exclusively play typewriters.

    Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys: What started as a two piece has evolved into a large band with shows that incorporate various forms of performance art.

    Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel, Major Organ and the Adding Machine): I wouldn’t argue if you said that NMH isn’t that weird, but Major Organ was one of the first true WTF albums I listened to.

    Man or Astro-man: Sci-fi surf rock. They do a killer cover of the MST3k theme too.

    Planetoid: Also sci-fi rock, but Locrius, Ovatus, and Admiral Time take it to 11.

    MC Vspishkin: DJ, not a band. Has maybe one tiny album, so probably not suitable in the end, On the other hand, he often performed dressed as an old biker superman and this one video is worth a watch.

    Uncle Monsterface: Uncle Monsterface is a sock puppet that has a band. That…that should explain it, really.

    That is all for now. Hope you enjoy.

  3. PK

    Total Unicorn. They played SxSW a few years ago. The link below is an accurate representation of their live show. Warning: This video may cause nightmares. Not kidding.

  4. Diane N

    I would like to point your attention towards a man named Louis Cole, and by extension, his project KNOWER.

    He might not be the weirdest musician out there – but his approach to music is refreshing, innovative, and frequently hilarious. An accomplished keyboardist and drummer, his solo project tends towards simple but peculiar lyrics set to music that blends funk, house/trance, jazz and sometimes flat out atonality – some examples:

    Oh, I forgot to mention: He also has a penchant for music videos inspired by ’80s game soundtracks. My favourite of his:

    But his crowning achievement, for me, has to be Weird Part of the Night, a song featuring the lyrics “It’s hard to be fake / With nobody else awake”, and the whitest dancing this side of your drunk uncle:

    He also has a band project with singer Genevieve Artadi, called KNOWER. They generally tend more “normal”, in the sense that they have a lot of the same impulses as Louis Cole on his own, but they definitely embrace their virtuosic side more; they also collaborate with some exemplary musicians and groups, such as Tim Lefebvre, Aya Toyoshima and Snarky Puppy. That said, they can hardly be called “boring”, and their YouTube videos have frequently generated comments to the tune of “PROTIP: Make sure the synth and the vocals are in the SAME KEY!” (an actual quote from the comments section on the second video here):

    That said, their latest album Life is pretty much just condensed silliness through and through:

    (I believe knob jokes are a thing you enjoy on this site? KNOWER have you covered.)

    Overall, Louis Cole and KNOWER are hardly the weirdest music out there, but they tend a lot weirder than most.

  5. srimad1

    alrighty then. so amon duul did not float your boat apparently. so let’s try another from the vaterland (I lived over there for many years in the 70’s): Zweistein. One of krautrock’s great lost albums (although most people seem to view it as self indulgent bullshit I myself love this album – it’s more bizarre than weird) go here for background and scroll down a little:

    bonus: one of the 5 greatest album covers ever AND a perfect vinyl reissue just came out!

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