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(Know a band weirder than these people? Clue us in!)

If you’re in a weird band or know a weird band, email us at Or better yet, post a link here to the band’s website or YouTube videos so our whole community of weirdness connoisseurs can judge. Fun!

Publicists and labels: Please DO NOT add us to your general mailing lists. At least 90% of what you rep is not right for this site and you’ll be wasting your time and (mostly) ours. And DO NOT send us anything before it’s been released. We’re not that kind of music blog. We don’t do reviews and we don’t do “premieres.” If it’s not available to all of humanity in some form, we won’t write about it.

YouTube links or embeds welcome, and you can use a fake email address to post a comment…we just force you to take that extra step because it helps slow down the spambots. (Thanks for your patience, Just remember that email addresses are not posted to the site and a fake email address means we can’t contact you to let you know if we post one of your suggestions (although we forget to do that half the time, anyway).


1,790 thoughts on “Submit a Band

  1. Tom

    And since you covered Donatan (polish pagan hip hop) you might also be interested in this polish self described “pagan disco” act

  2. Tom

    These two buskers are pretty well known to citizens in Prague because you can meet them in downtown pretty often. Mix of a handpan, african drumming and didgeridoo. Sounds cool enough?

  3. Elmo

    I’ve 2 for you! First of all Gong Linna who was one some kind of X-factor type thing in China and now has an album out with New York classical ensemble Bang on a Can

  4. How’s about an industrial/goth/experimental band run by a Satanist drag queen (named Staccia Tori Raype)? The entire album is about mental illness and includes hidden messages, gay porn samples, as well as personal sound bytes of various acts of violence and sex.

  5. Fantazio, french wierdos. They combine a bunch of stuff which should not work well at all:
    tuba base parts for a french rap with an elephant bleating in the background and occasional stabs of traditional music/fanfare (that’s the first song”La Musique Populaire”). Then (in another track) he jumps into this sort of campy horror rock with distorted electronic elements, turntable scratch, brass instruments and upright bass interjecting here and there.

    And so on and so forth.

    (The guys vocal style is also a little bit odd)

    (Do the monkey)

  6. Mike

    Hevisaurus, a children’s heavy metal band who dress up as dinosaurs. I don’t speak Finnish, since they are from Finland, but they seem to be cool for the kids. And it’s weird for a heavy metal band to dress as dinosaurs and produce kids music.

    This one looks like it’s about Christmas, but has a really dark sound

  7. aaaa aaaa

    this is kinder garden slam party and they are slam death metal for children, sent by email their store they had a bad time with local scene they got a lot of death threats and a lot of people reporting their stuff and getting it deleted, sent the whole story to your mail guys

  8. Passenger Of Shit initially comes off as some bloke who makes weird songs with violent & gross lyrics & artwork to accompany it and nothing more. But if you look past the lyrics this is actually really well made music. It’s complex & a bit hard to listen to but the skill gone into making these songs is undeniable. despite how crude this guy’s work is it’s genuinely high quality stuff.(Not a band but I think it should still be included even if it’s for the weirdness of it alone.)

    1. weirdestband

      Thanks. We’re well familiar with all of these but somehow had missed that one Flying Lotus video, which is disgusting and awesome. Unlike the “Walls Fall Out” video, which is just disgusting.

      1. MyaIsDead

        The album ”You’re Dead” by Flying Lotus (which includes that song) is full of weirdness, I just had to link that music video – not only because of my love for Firth – its just disgustingly beautiful.

        Also thanks for talking about all these bands here! So glad you included The Rez, amazing stuff from them always :;)

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