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1,790 thoughts on “Submit a Band

  1. Charlie Brown

    To expand on the idea of bands that are weird but famous enough that we don’t think about how weird they really are. Honestly surprised they’re not up here already.

    Skinny Puppy – Worlock

    Skinny Puppy – ProTest

    Skinny Puppy – Testure

    Skinny Puppy – Assimilate

  2. fichtmuellerdavid

    2/3: Alexander von Borsig (that’s Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke)

    Das Leben ist schön

    Live 1982

    Zu den Anderen gerollt werden. The lyrics are very dark, I translated them:

    Der Kandidat geht in die Knie
    (The candidate goes down onto his knees)
    Sein Blick wird in den Staub gerichtet
    (His gaze is directed towards the dust)
    Er kann sich nicht abstützen
    (He can’t support himself)
    Ihm sind die Hände gebunden
    (His hands are tied)
    Dann kommt der Schuss in den Nacken
    (Then there’s the shot to the neck)
    Bäuchlings fällt er und kann leicht
    zu den Anderen gerollt werden
    (He falls onto his stomach and can be rolled to the others with ease).

    1. fichtmuellerdavid


      something up with that comment? You can totally delete the lyrics from it — if that is what’s bothering you. Or just throw the comment away, I don’t mind.

      This is YOUR blog, after all. I’m really sorry if I took the submit thing a little too far this week. I’m lying in bed with NOTHING to do. But I’ll be more modest now, promise.

      1. weirdestband

        No, we just didn’t see your previous comment. WordPress’s comment moderating tools are terrible. Sometimes it posts comments immediately, sometimes it sends us an email notice asking us to approve them, sometimes they just disappear into a “pending” queue that’s hidden so we forget to check it. If one of your comments doesn’t show up right away don’t read too much into it.

  3. fichtmuellerdavid

    How about some more of that ’80s german Punk/Electronic/Experimental (often referred to as NDW)?

    1/3: Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft

    Tanz den Mussolini

    Der Räuber und der Prinz

    Goldenes Spielzeug

  4. fichtmuellerdavid

    Guten Tag,

    I would like to suggest Hamburg-based Kings of Dubrock, which are Jacques Palminger, Viktor Marek and Rica Blunck. To be honest, I can’t tell you if they still exist. This seems to be their official website:

    In really like “Lied für Alle”. The lyrics go “Song for everybody,  song for everybody, song for …”:

    Then there’s Jacques’ declamatory and pretty out-of-focus storytelling, as in “Tüdeldub”. If asked, I will be happy to provide a full translation:

    And then, of course, the glorification of drug use. This has a really cute video where teenagers sing of taking MDMA in summer: 

    What do you think?

  5. Behold

    How about Suicidal Rap Orgy?

    The band mixed elements of experimental music, noise, and other genres with hip-hop. The band was known for the crazy concerts, which involved members naked, having sex with toy animals, swinging weapons. The members of the group included MC Bushpig, MC Slurry, DJ Anal Erection, MC Mangina and MC Skatboner.

  6. I’m very certain you might have been recommended this band about a squillion times, but this is Bull of Heaven. An experimental/avant-garde music project that is specialized in (but not limited to) drone, dark ambient, noise, minimalism and plunderphonics. They are probably one of the most infamous avant-garde bands in the history of ever, as their works usually challenges the listener’s patience and the capacity of conventional music production way extremely beyond the limits of it, even those of avant-garde music.

    They are mostly known for making songs and albums of ridiculous length, including 5 hour long songs, day long songs, week long projects, one that lasts about 2 weeks, one that lasts about 7 months, one that lasts about 5.6 years, theoretically impossible songs of negative song length (-47 minutes, -1 hour and 23 minutes and -4 hours and 39 minutes) and songs that are about six hundred trillion times the lifespan of the universe.

    Not gonna say much more than that, I’ll let y’all do your research on your own, so that you can see this shit by yourselves. Meanwhile, I’ll leave ya with useful links including a big ass, super handy RYM list reviewing every single Bull of Heaven release, links to the RYM pages of the aforementioned projects and links to song excerpts in YouTube.

    (Note: Some of these YouTube uploads are labeled as simulations. Do not worry about that, they are basically the real songs, but only lengthy excerpts of it so that they can fit into a digestible length for YouTube upload and streaming.)

  7. Lillith

    Diagnose Lebensgefahr. One-man disturbing noise/industrial gore metal band owned by an insane asylum patient named Nattramn. Nattramn was originally part of the suicidal metal band Silencer and his screams were due to him cutting and tearing his flesh in the studio as he was recording music. In his current band he often sells albums accompanied with vials of his own blood.

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