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(Know a band weirder than these people? Clue us in!)

If you’re in a weird band or know a weird band, email us at Or better yet, post a link here to the band’s website or YouTube videos so our whole community of weirdness connoisseurs can judge. Fun!

Publicists and labels: Please DO NOT add us to your general mailing lists. At least 90% of what you rep is not right for this site and you’ll be wasting your time and (mostly) ours. And DO NOT send us anything before it’s been released. We’re not that kind of music blog. We don’t do reviews and we don’t do “premieres.” If it’s not available to all of humanity in some form, we won’t write about it.

YouTube links or embeds welcome, and you can use a fake email address to post a comment…we just force you to take that extra step because it helps slow down the spambots. (Thanks for your patience, Just remember that email addresses are not posted to the site and a fake email address means we can’t contact you to let you know if we post one of your suggestions (although we forget to do that half the time, anyway).


1,815 thoughts on “Submit a Band

  1. eMpyre ramireX

    Eyedea –
    “How Much do you Pay?”

    “Birth Of A Fish”

    His philosophical ideas are amazing. . . .or . . . were.
    RIP. “Mike Larsen”

  2. Vreob Kobil

    Add XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX. They are a sort of Meme-influenced grindcore/slam metal with hints of mumble rap sometimes. Not only that, but their name stands for Acidic Vaginal Liquid Explosion Generated By Mass Amounts Of Filthy Fecal Fisting And Sadistic Septic Syphilic Sodomy Inside The Infected Maggot Infested Womb Of A Molested Nun Dying Under The Roof Of A Burning Church While A Priest Watches And Ejaculates In Immense Perverse Pleasure Over His First Fresh Fetus. I think that’s enough reasons to add them. You’re weirdcome.

  3. JojCeec

    Jun Togawa. Japanese Avant-pop/experimental pop musician that served as something of a precursor to artists like Bjork.

    Tamahime-Sama. My favorite song of hers from the album of the same name and a peppy, electronic-tinged tune about a woman’s menstrual cycle.

    Teinen Pushiganga. Another great track from Tamahime-Sama and probably the most heart-wrenching. Sound-wise it’s inspired by the folk music of the Andes Mountains and the lyrics deal with a woman expresses how much she still loves the one closest to her even as he executes in broad daylight in town square.

  4. man man

    id m theft able

    Awesome music ranging from mouth noises ( ), to sound collages ( ), to people talking, singing, or screaming ( ), to rapping over skipping records ( ), to a broken piano in the middle of a field ( ), and so much more. Smidge Beats has become one of my favorite albums ever since I first listened to it.

    He’s also got a cool art website if you wanna check that out ( )

  5. Bukko Boomeranger

    I don’t see Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band on your list. Did I miss something? If not, he merits a mention.

    “Root Boy” (real name Foster McKenzie III) was a demented but talented boogie/punk showman who made the rounds of the U.S. East Coast college bar circuit in the late 1970s-early ’80s. His signature tune was “Boogie ’til You Puke” with lines such as “Put a quarter in the juke — boogie ’til you puke! Huff that Locker Room* Let’s really zoom! Shootin’ and a-tootin’, all night long — the party laaaaasts, til your brain cells gone!” Here’s a link to an audio-only YouTube clip of it. He’s got a Wikipedia entry, but not much on video, because he was at his peak at the dawn of the MTV age, before EVERYONE was shooting vids.

    Root Boy had a satirical, political bent to his tunes, singing about how he “climbed over the White House fence, just to see who was the president. Put flowers in the soldiers’ guns, til the tear gas made me run…” He hated Richard Nixon, which made him OK with me. He was like a raunchier version of Mojo Nixon (whose listing was how I tripped upon your site.) Root’s shows always had him falling to the floor to dance The Gator, which involved flopping on the floor like he was having convulsions.

    His best album was his first, full of outrageous lyrics. Sadly, it never got a decent CD re-release, so it’s hard to listen to Root without a turntable. His later albums (which CAN be found on CD) don’t have the same wicked wit as the first. Sadly, Root died too early (age 48, in 1993) due to a lifetime of excessive booze, reefer, LSD and other substances. He was a diagnosed schizophrenic — hence the weirdness.

    * Locker Room” was a type of “popper” (inhaled amyl nitrate capsule) that was popular, and legal, in the 1970s

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