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1,815 thoughts on “Submit a Band

  1. J. Lilly

    Arcane Device. One-man project where all sounds are created by controlled feedback generated by feedback machines that he invented for that purpose.

  2. Bhoenix

    My current favourite band: Palm.

    The music speak for itself. (I guess a lot of the bombastic lyrics, too)

    This one hasn’t been released:
    Audiotree Live Session:
    Two Toes (Extended Live Version):
    Dog Milk (Far Out Session):
    Shadow Expert (Music Video):


    Releases include:
    Into the Bulk EP (This one is within Samples)
    Samples EP
    Ostrich Vacation EP
    Trading Basics LP
    Shadow Expert EP
    Rock Island LP

    Possible artists they could remind you of: Captain Beefheart, King Crimson, Women, Slint, Animal Collective or Panda Bear, Brian Wilson or Beach Boys, etc.

    Also, here’s a big list of (mainly) live performances:

    (In my opinion, non of Palm’s releases have been very similar).

    1. Bostjan

      A lot of people assume Luna is sampled. Nope. Her performance is recorded live over prerecorded drums. Also, the drums are artificial intelligence. And we’re microtonal, using 19-EDO tuning. Not sure how we could be weirder at this point.

  3. Ethan

    I was actually quite surprised to find you did not have these guys on your list. They have an amazing show by the way.

    Self described as nerd core, and they are a ton of fun.

    Here is a link to their song “Fashion Zombies!”

      1. Anonymous

        “He’s just looking for something new, and I said it once before but it bears repeating..”
        Totally sounds like that Joss Stone song.

  4. Jay

    Anarchistwood are an art-punk collective from London that occasionaly play in my home town. This is a pretty good example of their style.

  5. Jay

    If you are familiar with the TV shows Utopia, Humans or Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, or the movie The Girl With All the Gifts then you’ll have heard the amazing work of Cristobal Tapia de Veer. Where’s Jessica Hyde?

  6. Jay

    I posted this earlier in the wrong place. These guys are from my home town (Southend-on-sea) and take a massive load of inspiration from Mr Bungle.


    These are also from my home town. They aren’t weird in the sense of weird musical composition and surreal metaphor etc. But a group of tranny punks singing about an amphibian in the can has to tick a few of the boxes


    1. WhatsBrownAndSoundsLikeABell

      I don’t know how weird Stupeflip is unless you know French, but then they are quite weird… Anyway, they are actually quite a bit older than Die Antwoord, and in my opinion, nothing like them, for better or for worse.

      1. Jay

        I would say both are comparable to Die Antwoord and Little Big in that they twist the hip hop genre to their own unique aesthetic. And both have band members equally as oddball as Ninja. Die Antwoord sometimes use Afrikaans so I don’t think using French in itself is a problem. Foreign language often adds a weird aesthetic to music that might not be otherwise. Some of Mike Patton’s weirdest stuff is often sung in Latino.

        1. WhatsBrownAndSoundsLikeABell

          “I would say both are comparable to Die Antwoord and Little Big in that they twist the hip hop genre to their own unique aesthetic.”

          I mean, doesn’t every (respectable) hip hop artist do just that?

          Does Stupeflip *sound* anything like Die Antwoord to you, or are you just saying that they are similar because they both use hip hop as the basis for their music and both have some unique aspects to their music?

          1. Jay

            A lot of hip hop is quite samey. All 4 of these bands go completely off the map. Maybe to you it doesn’t seem that way. Stupeflip and Die Antwoord don’t sound alike to me but both (along with Little Big and Schlaasss and the Australian band Bumblebeez) have a punk/cartoon/carnival sideshow energy that a lot of mainstream hip hop doesn’t have. Which, if Little Big and Die Antwoord are worthy to be here than so are Stupeflip, Schlaasss and Bumblebeez for ticking some of same boxes.

    2. Stupeflip

      Artist: Stupeflip
      Song: Stupeflip
      Album: Stupeflip
      Genre: Stupeflip
      Year: Stupeflip
      Lyrics: Stupeflip, Stupeflip…

  7. Animal Attack!

    You have Hatebeak and Caninus on the weird list already, but:

    Richard Christy (drummer from Death and personality from the Howard Stern Show) released a split with Hatebeak (I suppose Hatebeak is now on another label, since your article on them and Reptilian indicated that the future was uncertain at the time) which is pretty weird. It’s a band consisting of Christy and three guinea pigs:

    There is another animal fronted band, consisting of a guy and a bunch of parrots:

    As far as I could find, back in January-February of 2019, the only four animal fronted bands with actual released music were all metal bands. There was a cat band that goes on tour, but I couldn’t find any audio/video of them, and there is a band of chickens out there, and one of the chickens was even on TV, but the only audio I could find of the “band” playing was with all of the instruments one at a time.

  8. The Mysterious Creep

    Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s Altered States of America is the most insane head-trip grind album to ever exist. For their sheer spazziness, unsettling atmosphere, and line-crossing shock humor, I think AnB deserve a spot on the weird list. If not them, then you need to say something about Cybergrind in general.

    1. Lebon Docteur

      Hi im happy you like some those except for HAH (which is the best stuff i’d heard, ever) im agree with your comment.

      I forgot this band which is really weird

      PS i saw on the FB page of Vladimir something about a recording of new stuff.

      Also you can see Estradasphere and Secret Chiefs 3

  9. Lebon Docteur

    Some freaky shits from France

    From the guy of Igorrrr




    From the singer on Whourkr album


    Hardcore Anal hydrogen (start at 8:45)

    Ruby my dear


    Vladimir Bozar and


    From Germany, i guess

    1. Adam

      Love Vladimir Bozar and Ze Sheraf Orchestar! They’ve been around for a while. I’ve been really hoping to see another album from them,

      The Igorrr stuff, to me, all sounds like someone took apart Igorrr songs.

      HAH wouldn’t play for me. Don’t think I heard them before.
      Ruby My Dear was pretty cool. Loved how they used the Pac Man sound about two minutes in. Reminded me of Aphex Twin, but there was a lot of extra stuff going on. Very cool.
      Chenille – I was kind of bored for 50 seconds or so, honestly. Once the song got a little more interesting, I started to appreciate it. Definitely not the weirdest band, but weird enough for my taste.
      Take Back the Roman Empire – This is great stuff! Love how the “breakdown” was just totally silly.

      I’m going to have to add to my music collection.

      1. Lebon Docteur

        Hi im happy you like some those except for HAH (which is the best stuff i’d heard, ever) im agree with your comment.

        I forgot this band which is really weird

        PS i saw on the FB page of Vladimir something about a recording of new stuff.

        Also you can see Estradasphere and Secret Chiefs 3

  10. Hatari

    This is Iceland’s entry to Eurovision this year, held in Israel (Eurovision is often a weird competition by itself, but usually in a sweet way). This techno-punk industrial BDSM number is making every Eurovision fan lose their shit, either in awe or disgust. In promoting their song they’ve challenged Benjamin Netanyahu to a wrestling match and set up a mock brand ‘Soda Dream’ (a play on Israel’s Soda Stream) to be sponsored by. They’ve also set up a website, Icelandic Music News, that claims to cover news of the Icelandic music scene in general but only covers news of Hatari.

  11. Charlie Brown

    Electric Six – Gay Bar

    I don’t think it gets much weirder than a white house full of Gaybraham Lincolns.

    Their other videos are pretty out there too, but this one takes the cake.

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