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  1. cLOUDDEAD anyone? Not the weirdest this website will ever see, but nor will they be the most “normal.”

  2. Meltybrains?

    While there are many acts who would lay claim to the experimental tag, Meltybrains? are one of the few who genuinely fall into that category. Firmly planted in the extraordinary and the bizarre, they manage to infuse their array of influences (dub, hip-hop, post-rock) with a sense of melody that keeps them on the right side of noise for noise’s sake. As one fan put it, “A Meltybrains? show is like the most beautiful woman you have met in your entire life taking a shit on your face”. As you might well gather from all this, this is one pretty unique band.

    • I’m two minutes into this video and still waiting for them to shit on my face. Auto-Tuned vocals are more like getting peed on.

  3. Professor Elemental and the British chap movement.

    • Ah yes, this fellow. Now that we Americans are finally done watching “Downtown Abbey” Season Three, it does seem like a good time to add him to The Weird List.

  4. genocide organ

    They are pretty wierd

  5. Wilhelm Bernadotte

    check out “Stay”, a 3/4 tune, sounds almost like a hybrid between Tom Waits and David Bowie.

    Can also be heard on Spotify as well as on Youtube, on an even stranger animated video

  6. Elfman inspired circus metal band Stolen Babies

  7. The most evil band in the universe: Cock E.S.P.

  8. Ok last time I tried Detektivbyrån and you said it wasn’t too weird. How about Anders Flanders the last member remaining in the band. He kinda let loose and did a crazy 1 man band thing. half crazy/ sad half kinda impressive.

    And while I am at it I have been away for a little bit
    I don’t think I have heard anyone mention Wesley Willis

    You can watch his movie if you want to understand him better

    That is all for now

  9. Im kinda surprised you guys didnt have Melt-Banana

  10. Not sure if this is weird enough for you, but I trust you’ll find this interview with Radio Werewolf at least a tiny bit odd. (Also, their music is amazing. Like an ethereal Diamanda Galas.)

  11. This is one of the most original and wierdest bands I have ever heard. Experimental Noise/Grind, but not the type you’re thinking of. It’s hard to explain so just listen:


    This is basically like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” meets The Walking Dead plus Ennio Morricone on a sheet of LSD.
    The Who’s “Tommy” meets World War Z plus John Williams on a bunch of peyote.
    Meat Loaf and Jim Steinmans “Bat Out Of Hell” meets Night of the Living Dead plus Hans Zimmer on an ounce of mushrooms.

    “His music may very well topple the fascist regime that has our world in a violent, oppressive stranglehold.”​
    – Anonymous
    “Quite epic, the Ennio Morricone of the 21st century!”​
    – Jean-Pierre
    “new joe satriani!”​
    – Dan Whitfield
    “what jon lacks in modesty he makes up for in badassedness”​
    – Van Tek

  13. Yesterday I found about about a electronica musician named Renard Queenston, whats interesting about him is he produces his music using 14 anthropomorphic (furry) personas, each with a different musical style. here are some samples.

  14. cocordinpieledeom


  15. I also highly rate Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages if they’ve not had a mention. Lord Sutch was in the Monster Raving Loony Party in government in the Uk.

  16. Oh absolutely. I adore the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Vivian Stanshall was a genius and predates Monty Python lol

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