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A few months back, we blogged about Caninus, the world’s only (to our knowledge) death metal band featuring dogs on lead vocals. Well, in the interest of giving equal time, we guess it’s time to acknowledge that when it comes to replacing the feeble vocal chords of humans in the death metal scene, Caninus is not alone. There’s also a death metal band fronted by a parrot. We couldn’t make this shit up if we tried, people!

Amazingly, Hatebeak has been around since 2004 and released at least three records, including a split with our old pals Caninus. The band is made up of Blake, Mark and Waldo. We’ll let you guess which one is the parrot.

Much like Caninus, Hatebeak is strictly a studio project, so no live footage or music videos exist. However, several enterprising fans have posted most of the band’s catalog on YouTube at this point. They were signed to a Baltimore hardcore label/store called Reptilian Records, but it literally just closed its storefront today (today! what are the odds?) and although their website declares, “Is Reptilian going under? Hell no!” the link for the band’s page on the Reptilian site doesn’t work. So have Hatebeak squawked their last? We’re not optimistic. Although, we hear parrots live to be like 150, so maybe Waldo can pull a Dave Mustaine and go on to have lasting success with some other project, occasionally squawking bitterly about how shittily Blake and Mark treated him in interviews with Metal Hammer.

Anyway, here’s Hatebeak in action. Kind of arty compared to Caninus, but we’re diggin it.





Most grindcore singers sound like they’re trying to imitate animals anyway (or possibly Cookie Monster), so a few years ago, someone had the bright idea of ditching the human lead singers altogether and putting a pair of pitbulls up front instead. The resulting band, Caninus, sounds pretty much every other grindcore/death metal band on the planet, except for the twin vocal attack of Budgie and Basil (couldn’t they find two pitties with more, y’know, hardcore names?), which gives the band’s music a primal quality that, we gotta admit, is pretty awesome.

Caninus has never performed live as far as we know. Given the decibel level at your average grindcore concert, it would probably be considered animal cruelty. So we can’t really show you what the band looks like, or even who, besides the pups, is in it (reportedly, however, it’s members of NYC hardcore outfit Most Precious Blood). But here’s a little taste of what they sound like, a little ditty called “Brindle Brickheads” (other song titles include “No Dogs, No Masters” and “Bite the Hand That Breeds You”). Kinda makes you wanna bark along, doesn’t it?