And now, a short film from Barbara


We got a little present in our inbox yesterday, and for once it didn’t involve penis enlargement or Russian prostitution rings. Toronto weirdos and former Weird Band Poll winners Barbara have made a short film, and while it doesn’t technically involve any music, it’s too random not to share.

It’s a little story…sorry, a fuckin’ story…about a pair of dreamsters who escape from a sink and wind up exploring the “taupe catacombs” of a shopping mall. If you have no idea what any of that last sentence meant, don’t worry…neither do we.

Watch and be fuckin’ amazed.


Hey, look, it’s Barbara’s first music video


If there’s one thing Andy and I love, it’s when a band that we already thought was pretty weird gets even weirder. Well, our March Weird Band Poll winners Barbara have done just that. They’ve just released a music video for the song “TUM”…their first proper video, as far as we know…and it’s big ball of deep-fried crazy dipped in hot ‘n’ spicy freak sauce. Here, watch:

What’s your favorite part? Mine is the totally random shot of trash cans at around the four-minute mark. Also, all the parts where they’re singing and wearing what look like windbreakers that have been stitched to their faces. Also, the part where the girl says, “You all have drinks?” OK, fine, I love the whole fucking thing.



Let me just begin this post by saying: You people are awesome. And by “you people,” I mean not only our regular readers but fans of all the bands in our most recent Weird Band Poll. The response to this latest poll was unprecedented and finally led to a little band from Toronto called Barbara being crowned the winner, narrowly edging out the equally weird H-Beam from Nashville. So congrats, Barbara! And to H-Beam and all their fans: Don’t you worry. We’ve got a consolation prize in store for you guys. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we can tell you it’ s not a pony.

So who are these Barbara guys, you ask? They’re a brother duo named Tyler and Raynor Semrick-Palmateer and their music could perhaps best be described as pop music for schizophrenics. There are lots of distorted, layered yet occasionally soulful vocals, head-nodding beats and melodies that might have once been downright catchy before they got stretched like Silly Putty. It’s sort of The Residents meets “Bohemian Rhapsody” meets five episodes of Intervention all playing at the same time. They also appear to be partial to creepy-looking masks, which adds to the air of psychosis intrigue.

Barbara haven’t released a ton of music yet; their one and only EP, Stuck to the Ground, is just three songs plus a handful of kooky little interstitial tracks in which a lady friend of theirs (Barbara herself, perhaps?) asks pertinent questions on behalf of the audience, like “Does anyone know who these people are?” and “Do you have any more songs?” The answer to that last one: Yes, actually. They have a non-EP dance mix of a song called “Fidelio” that, Tyler tell us, is comprised entirely of quotes from Eyes Wide Shut. And they perform a dance-off to it at the end of their sets. Here, watch.

Is it just me, or is the most unsettling thing about that whole performance the fact that one of them is carrying a briefcase?


March Weird Band Poll: Vote for 8090, Barbara, The Goggenheim, H-Beam, or Tingle in the Netherlands

Since our little blog is growin’ up so fast, we decided it was finally time to move our monthly poll from its former home on Facebook to right here on TWBITW. Don’t worry, Facebook—we still love you! Whenever you invade our privacy, we find it totally adorable.

So cast your vote for a future Weird Band of the Week right here. No cheating! Only one vote per human. (Cats, aliens and our future robot overlords can vote as much as they like.)

[Sorry, folks; this poll has now closed. Check back here next Wednesday, when the winner will be revealed!]

Wanna know more about this month’s bands? Read on:



8090 (pronounced “eight-oh-nine-oh”) is Andy Metz and Seth Williams, a hip-hop duo from Chicago who bust rhymes about the 9-to-5 grind. Here’s a link to their website/Bandcamp page, and here’s a video for the song “Work Music,” which was shot in the most depressing-looking office I’ve seen since that telemarketing job I had in college.



Barbara is a pair of brothers from Toronto who end their shows with a dance-off set to a song full of Eyes Wide Shut quotes. You can watch the dance-off here, or you can listen to their EP, Stuck to the Ground, on Bandcamp. We recommend the song about coffee. But then we love pretty much anything that has to do with coffee.

The Goggenheim


The Goggenheim are a band from Oxford, England who have been described as a mix of “performance art, punk pop and psychedelia.” Their drummer Stewart recently shared with us their video for the song “Moth,” which is a good introduction to their style. You can hear more on their website.



H-Beam hail from Nashville, home to one of our favorite weird bands, Here Come the Mummies. (Yes, turns out there’s more in Nashville than just country music.) Much like HCTM, they do wacky costumed stage shows and play rockin’ party-friendly tunes. You can hear their album Useful Box of Hair on their website. We also recommend the video for “Love Panda.”

Tingle in the Netherlands

Tingle+In+The+Netherlands+tingledance1This duo describe themselves as an “absurdist electro-pop collaboration between poet Helên T and electronic musician Owen J. They’re from Manchester, England. You can read more about them on their blog, and check out some of their music via Soundcloud. We recommend starting with “A Forest of Cocks.”

So there you have it! We’ll close voting on Friday, March 22nd, so help us get the word out, won’t you? And may the weirdest band win!