Weird of the Day: Flying Lotus, “Ready Err Not”

Photo by Tim Saccenti

Today’s weirdness comes from reader MyaIsDead, who belatedly brought to our attention the so-insanely-gross-you-can’t-stop-watching video for Flying Lotus’ “Ready Err Not.” FlyLo’s work here in Los Angeles is hard to escape; he more or less single-handedly invented the experimental fusion of hip-hop and glitchy electronica called “beat music” and was the most famous product of Low End Theory, the long-running Northeast L.A. club night that just ended last month. And I knew he had made some crazy videos, as well as a 2017 feature-length film called Kuso that some have called “the grossest movie ever made.”

But somehow I missed the video for “Ready Err Not,” which came out way back in 2014 — though I’m kinda glad I did, because even just having read descriptions of Kuso without actually watching it, David Firth’s cutout animation of “Ready Err Not” now seems almost quaint by comparison. If Clive Barker had been the seventh member of Monty Python, maybe their cartoons would have featured dismembered babies and in-bred eyeball-eaters, too.


Weird of the Day: The Koreatown Oddity, “Presidents Rap”

Koreatown Oddity

OK, weirdos, we’re about to get all educational up in this bitch, courtesy of L.A. rapper The Koreatown Oddity. The Oddity is the creation of a dude named Dominique Purdy, who raps beneath a disturbingly detailed wolf mask and makes videos that mainly feature him wandering the streets of L.A. and freaking out the locals. He’s got a new album out tomorrow called 200 Tree Rings, but this is an older track from the Eat a Dead Goat mixtape, which we love because it’s both funny as hell and will help you win at pub trivia. Remember, kids: Technically, Barack Obama is only the 43rd president, because Grover Cleveland always gets counted twice, which is kind of bullshit when you think about it.

You can pre-order 200 Tree Rings via Amazon and check out more Koreatown Oddity joints via his Bandcamp.

Weird of the Day: Titts, “Woef”


We bring you more weirdness from the Netherlands today, this time of the experimental electronic variety. Titts is a newish duo made up of leftfield ambient/glitch producer Jameszoo (pictured) and hip-hop beatmaker Y’skid. Together they are definitely weirder than the sum of their parts, especially when paired with the lurid computer animation of Thomas de Rijk and Ricky Calvit Jonsson Jr. Watch out: The ending of this one is pretty disturbing.

Many thanks to reader Sami for introducing us to the madness that is Titts. If you dig the tune, you can buy it from iTunes.

Weird of the Day: Sahy Uhns, “Fever. Chills and Sweats.”

Sahy Uhns

L.A.-based producer Carl Madison Burgin makes glitchy, experimental electronica under the name Sahy Uhns, which is pronounced something like “Science,” preferably (I hope) in the manner of that guy from the Thomas Dolby song. This track, from his 2011 album An Intolerant Disdain of Underlings, perfectly captures that feeling when you wake up on Sunday morning with last night’s music still ringing in your ears and you realize you’re still kinda drunk from one too many vodka/Red Bulls. Either that or you ate a bacon-wrapped hot dog outside the club that really didn’t agree with you. You can’t remember. All you know is that at the 2:42 mark of this song, you’re making a beeline for the porcelain goddess.

[Update: Sadly, Burgin seems to have removed this track from his SoundCloud page. But he’s got lots of other cool stuff on there, so have a look around and find something you like.]

You can download this track and the rest of An Intolerant Disdain from Bandcamp or Amazon.

Weird of the Day, Moogfest Edition: Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus

Next up in our ongoing celebration of the ultra-weird lineup at Moogfest (Apr. 23-27 in Asheville, North Carolina): L.A.-based electronic music innovator Steven Ellison, better known as Flying Lotus. For nearly a decade, FlyLo has been at the forefront of a new style of electronica called simply beat music, which mixes distorted, tumbling hip-hop beats with spacey synths and jazz-influenced keyboards and basslines. Ellison himself is jazz royalty of a sort; he’s the great-nephew of Alice and John Coltrane. A ton of producers make this style of music now, many of them for FlyLo’s Brainfeeder label. But Ellison remains beat music’s lone Jedi master.

Here’s a track from his 2010 album Cosmogramma featuring frequent collaborator and Native American headdress enthusiast Thundercat.

Flying Lotus appears at Moogfest on Wednesday, Apr. 23rd. For more info, visit the official Moogfest site.