Totally adorable video interview with Quintron and Miss Pussycat

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(Photo by Rebecca Smeyne for MTV Hive)

So our favorite Crescent City swamp-tech duo, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, just got done playing the Bruise Cruise, one of those party boat festival thingies where they pack a bunch of bands, DJs and well-heeled fans aboard a cruise ship and let them drink their way to the Bahamas or wherever. And while they were on board, they sat down for an interview with Noisey, Vice magazine’s video channel. It’s part of a running feature called “Bandmate,” wherein the good people of Noisey interview each band member separately in an attempt to get them to talk smack about each other. It’s kind of a stupid idea and we totally wish we’d thought of it ourselves, except that we don’t do video interviews with bands. (Yet.)

Anyway, watch the clip below to learn more about Mr. Q and Miss P, including which one’s better at limbo and who has a secret Jimmy Buffett connection they’d rather not talk about.