Winny Puhh are back and just as batshit as ever

Winny Puhh

Thank god for you folks out there in Readerland. If it wasn’t for you, we’d never get caught up on all the weird music we missed during our last hiatus. Topping the list of shit we slept on: a new album from Estonian spazz-punks Winny Puhh, who released their latest album Kes küsib? (Who Asks?) on Sept. 28. Big ups to reader Jimmy Miller for dropping that knowledge bomb into the spider hole we’ve been hiding in these past few months.

We’ve only been able to find two tracks from Kes küsib? online, but they’re pretty insane even by Winny Puhh’s unhinged, hanging-from-the-ceiling standards. Let’s give them a listen, shall we?

That was pretty great, but this next track ups the ante with some throat singing while also managing to be kinda catchy.

Apparently, Kes küsib? was the number one album in Estonia at one point. Which officially makes Estonia the coolest country on the planet. Sorry, Japan. You had a good run.

There doesn’t seem to be any way for us Americans to legally purchase Kes küsib?, unless you trust your Google translator and/or limited grasp of Estonian to guide you through this site, which appears to be selling legit copies of it for 13 Euros. [Update: One observant reader pointed out to us that the site has an English translation button. So Estonian fluency not required after all.] It’s also on a shit-ton of Russian torrent sites, but we’re not gonna link to those ’cause they’re shady. If you really want a Russian black market MP3 copy of Kes küsib?, we’re sure you have what it takes to figure it out.


You gotta see this Winny Puhh performance from the Estonian Music Awards

Winny Puhh

A hearty tip of the gimp mask to reader Arno Tamm for alerting us to the existence of a brand-new video from Winny Puhh, the band that makes us wish we could crowd-surf all the way to Estonia. Apparently the Estonian Music Awards were last week—and in addition to taking home a well-deserved trophy (what do they call the awards handed out at the EMAs? I really hope it’s “Stoneys”) for Best Song, Winny Puhh also stole the show with yet another of their what-the-fuck-is-going-on live performances. Actually, this one isn’t strictly speaking “live,” although it was clearly recorded all in one take. See how long it takes you to figure out the non-live part.

In case you were wondering: Winny Puhh won the Best Song category for “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti,” the song they now famously performed at the Estonian Eurovision tryouts and later at a Paris fashion show. I’m not sure what else they were nominated for, but the fact that they lost Best Band to these guys did is a travesty of Macklemore-esque proportions.

In other Winny Puhh news: The band has just been confirmed as one of over 200 acts performing at Tallinn Music Week, which seems to be sort of a South by Southwest for Eastern Europe. They’ll be headlining the Rock Cafe on Saturday, March 29th. I don’t think we can crowd-surf there by then, but if anyone goes, please, take lots of photos.

Wait, did Winny Puhh really just play a fashion runway show in Paris? Yes, yes they did.

Winny Puhh Rick Owens runway show

From our We Couldn’t Make This Shit Up If We Tried Department: This past week, hirsute Estonian punkers Winny Puhh recreated their amazing Eurovision tryout performance at a fashion show in Paris. While models walked the runway in designer Rick Owens’s “edgy” 2014 collection, the Eurovision rejects shrieked, played drums strapped to a spinning platform on the back wall, and hung upside down while playing electric guitars and that one traditional Estonian instrument that looks like a bouzouki on steroids. We haven’t heard an official count on how many heads exploded during the performance, but we’re assuming the toll was high.

As a result of this truly magnificent stunt, Winny Puhh have been the number-one topic among fashion reporters and bloggers for the past five days. Most of them actually seemed to appreciate the performance, although some poor dude at GQ sounds like he might have been scarred for life but what he calls the Estonian “werewolf metal band.” “What these furry rockers were doing at the Rick Owens show is beyond me,” he groaned. Here’s what’s beyond me, dude: Why the fuck anyone would pay thousands of dollars to look like a roadie at a metal/industrial festival. Seriously, the dude in the foreground of that photo up there looks like he just threw together some old shit from the back of Trent Reznor’s gym closet.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like when the reigning Weirdest Band in the World (number one on our Weird 100 for three months and counting) works it on the catwalk. Enjoy.

You know what’s even crazier than Winny Puhh? This video made by a Winny Puhh fan.

Winny Puhh

By now I assume y’all are familiar with Winny Puhh, our current #1 Weirdest Band in the World and the pride of Estonia. If you’re not familiar, for the love of all that’s holy go watch the video of their failed bid to represent Estonia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We’ll wait.

Did you make it back in one piece? Barely? OK, good. Because I’m about to take what’s left of your senses and assault them even harder with this video for the song “Peetus.”

At first, when someone named Promote Your Product left this clip on our Facebook page, we assumed it was just the work of some  jackass spammer, on account them being named Promote Your Product and all. Then, because it was really good, we assumed it was some new official Winny Puhh video. Then we did a little more digging, and now we’re assuming it was just put together by this guy using found footage.

Ultimately we have no idea what the full story is behind the video, because the clip’s creator, Kirill “agale” Pozharsky, writes everything on his YouTube channel in Russian. But who cares? The video is amazing and really captures the spirit of Winny Puhh. Especially towards the end when everything gets super stabby. (Warning: NSFW. Not like Cattle Decapitation NSFW, but close.)

In other Winny Puhh news: There’s now a Facebook campaign to make them Estonia’s 2014 representative at Eurovision. Go like that shit!

Winny Puhh


You blew it, Estonia. You could’ve given that stupid fucking Eurovision contest its greatest moment since the year monster-rockers Lordi won it for Finland. But no. Instead of sending Winny Puhh, you had throw your nation’s hopes and dreams for pop music domination behind this steaming pile of sentimental horseshit from some chick named Birgit Õigemeel. Why, Estonia, why? You had your chance…and you bleeeewww it!

See, in order to decide who they’re gonna send to Eurovision, Estonia hosts a little music competition of its own called Eesti Laul. Most years it’s basically just Eurovision Lite, with lots of schmaltzy pop singers and cheeseball Eurodisco acts strutting their tired-ass stuff. But this year, Estonia’s most popular…only?…costumed punk/metal band Winny Puhh decided to enter the contest and…well, just watch:

I mean, c’mon. Tell me this insanity wouldn’t have kicked ass at Eurovision. It’s already kicking ass on YouTube…956,000 page views and counting. Think Birgit’s Eesti Laul performance, posted on YouTube the same day, has racked up that many hits? Not even close, brother. Again, I say: Estonia, you totally blew it.

Before this past month, pretty much no one outside the Baltic states had ever even heard of Winny Puhh. But they’ve been weirding it up since long before they decided to suspend their drummers from the ceiling and cover their lead singer in Teen Wolf fur. Somehow, everyone west of Warsaw missed this when it came out:

And we were all really fucking asleep at the keyboard to have missed this shit, from 2009:

But hey, better late than never, right? So we salute you, Winny Puhh! And we hope your brush with Eurovision superstardom gets you across the Atlantic soon. Sooner than that human Ambien tablet Birgit Õigemeel, at least.

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