Weird of the Day: Faun Fables, “With Words and Cake”

Faun Fables

Here’s a little free advice for the Cooking Channel: Make more of your shows like Faun Fables’ song/short film, “With Words and Cake.” You’ll rope in the Game of Thrones crowd and we all know how huge that demographic is.

Faun Fables is Dawn McCarthy and her life partner, Nils Frykdahl, formerly of Bay Area avant-metal heroes Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. They make antique folk music in a vein similar to Rasputina (who they’ve toured with), although their style is a bit more medieval and less cheeky. “With Words and Cake” is from their 2008 EP, A Table Forgotten, a mini-song cycle about home life and women’s traditional domestic roles. To find out more about Faun Fables, visit their website. (Thanks to reader Ewa for introducing us to the delightful “With Words and Cake” video.)