Bang Camaro

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Sometimes, weird = awesome. Take Bang Camaro, a classic rawk band out of Boston based around a simple, brilliant idea: why bother trying to make our one lead singer sound like Sebastian Bach by multi-tracking the hell out of him when we can hire 10 lead singers and, in the words of the great Bill O’Reilly, say, “Fuck it! We’ll do it live!”

When I saw these guys in L.A. earlier this year, they only had about eight lead singers…or maybe it was just four, my beer goggles were pretty thick at that point. Anyway, even scaled down a little, the hesher chorus still sounded pretty killer. There’s nothing original about the music exactly…if you like Skid Row, Def Leppard and Poison, you’ll probably dig these guys…but the whole Army of Singers idea is so great it really doesn’t make much diff what the music sounds like. You’ll be fist-pumping in no time, bro.

This is an old video of them performing at what looks like Harvard or MIT or some shit…not very rockin I know but of all the live videos I could find, this one has the best sound and really gives you an idea of fantastic it sounds to hear that many dudes singing arena rock all at once. There’s even a few harmonies and shit. Good stuff.