The mysterious Hanetration returns with fourth EP: “Timelapse”


Back while we were still on hiatus, we got an email from the enigmatic U.K. producer known only as Hanetration, informing us s/he had just released a new EP called Timelapse. Quoth the Hanetraitor: “It’s less ‘produced’ than my previous stuff; sparse mechanical experiments.” Perhaps to signal that it’s a bit of a departure, this is the first Hanetration EP whose title isn’t an anagram of Tenth Oar, the name of his/her debut EP. That spooky, droning set was followed by the equally spooky Torn Heat and Nae Troth. Maybe s/he will follow up Timelapse with Smile Peat?

Anyway, you can hear all of Timelapse on Hanetration’s Bandcamp page. Where Tenth Oar sounded like a walk on the moors, Timelapse is definitely a trip through urban wastelands, with lots of ominous industrial clangs, buzzes, creaks and metal-on-metal squeals. Even “Opal,” with its Indian overtones, sounds less like a trip down the Ganges than a 3 a.m. cab ride through the slums of Mumbai. It’s evocative stuff.



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Usually, when we do a Facebook poll, the winner is either a shameless ballot-stuffer (but we love you anyway, Baby Seal Club) or a band that’s so blatantly, hit-you-over-the-head weird that of course everyone had to vote for them (rock on, Radioactive Chicken Heads). But the winner of our latest poll is neither blatant nor, as far as we can tell, ballot-stuffing. They’re just low-key purveyors of some of the creepiest drone music we’ve heard in ages. So meet our latest poll winners: Hanetration. And prepare to be unsettled.

Despite being one of the most blogged-about artists we’ve added to The Weird List in quite some time, we actually know virtually nothing about the person behind Hanetration. We know he (or she) is from England and, uh, that’s about it. No bio, no photos, no nothin’. Even when the mysterious Hanester emailed us a link to his (or her) Bandcamp page, he revealed as little as humanly possible: “Can I point you in the direction of a free EP I’ve put together?” read the email. “Hope you enjoy it. All the best.” And then…poof. Gone back to the misty British backwater from whence he came.

I say “backwater” not so much because I’m assuming Hanetration lives on the moors. This shadowy figure could be working out of a seedy flat in Brixton for all I know. But the vibe conjured by this music is definitely one of blasted heaths, boggy woods and ancient fields laced with Druidic stone circles and werewolf bones. It’s eerie shit, is what I’m saying.

It appears that Hanetration’s entire catalog to date consists of just four songs, all available on a free EP via Bandcamp: “Rex,” “Alarm,” “Rufus” and “Wreck.” Check out “Rex” below and tell me this doesn’t sound like a field recording of some kind of pre-Celtic human sacrifice ritual—or, at the very least, a serious Theraflu overdose.

P.S. Go vote in our next Facebook poll. Take it from us: Passing judgment on other people’s music will fill you with smug satisfaction. (You’ll have to like us first, but you already do, don’t you? Don’t you??)