Hey, remember that Moon Nazi movie with the soundtrack by Laibach? Well, they’re making a sequel.

Iron Sky 2

Last year, we told you about an amazing indie sci-fi film from Finland called Iron Sky that featured music by military-industrial rockers Laibach and a story about a secret Nazi base on the moon. Well, the film was such an international success that they’ve decided to make a sequel—and this time, it’s personal they need your help to fund it.

Yes, for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, the filmmakers have taken to the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise $150,000 worth of seed money for what they hope will eventually be a $15 million budget (which sounds like a lot but is still about 1/20th what they spent on Iron Man 3). Backers of the film can score such goodies as T-shirts, posters and even a first draft of the script, all the way up to all-access set visits and a speaking role in the trailer. So far they’re still about $110,000 short of their goal, with only 13 days of fundraising left—so pony up, people! (Although, unlike Kickstarter, projects that don’t hit their fundraising goals on Indiegogo get to keep the money—so don’t worry, those crazy Iron Sky kids will be fine even if they fall short.)

According the filmmakers, Laibach is already on board to do the soundtrack, as are the original writers, director and special effects folks. What the storyline will be is anyone’s guess—so far, they’ve just released some mysterious artwork depicting what appears to be some kind of high-tech outpost in the middle of a lush wilderness, with the tag line, “From the ashes of mankind, a new breed of superiority will rise.” Does that mean more Nazis? Or something else? We’ll just have to wait and see.

So head over to Indiegogo to pledge your support, and enjoy the Indiegogo teaser video starring director Timo Vuorensola and some North Korean soldieresses I would not want to mess with.


Help Anklepants make the Face_tar a reality

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I gotta say, I am feeling pretty damn good about myself today. I just ponied up $10 to one of the worthiest causes I know. No, not defeating Mitt Romney, although I really should give the Obama campaign ten bones just as a thank-you for the 83,792 emails they’ve sent me over the last six months. My wife writes me less.

No, I parted with my hard-earned ducats to help one of my favorite weirdos, Anklepants, build a new instrument called the Facé_tar™. And you should join me, because the man creature also known as Reecard Farché is, as of this writing, a little (okay, a lot) short of his goal of raising $1,875 for all the necessary components. So he needs a little generosity and a little help getting the word out.

The Facé_tar™ is explained, sort of, on the Indiegogo page Reecard/Anklepants creator [name redacted] has built for his fundraising campaign. I say “sort of” because, like Anklepants himself, this Facé_tar thing is a little hard to explain. Here, I’ll quote Reecard/AnkleP’s:

This hybrid Robotic instrument will be the second character (along side Reecard Farché) for the future Anklepants live show.

The body of the guitar (A large lip syncing animatronic creature /puppet made of silicone and fibreglass) with a large mouth , moving eyes and very expressive face , delivering lip synced vocal performance and a range of interaction with Reecard Farché as he carries and plays the instrument like some kind of deranged and loving ventriloquist, bag pipe player / guitarist /pied piper.

If that still doesn’t make sense, there are some concept drawings you can check out here. Still can’t wrap your head around it? Fine. Just know that [name redacted], in addition to being a pretty killer breakcore/IDM/drum ‘n’ bass musician, is an amazing designer of prosthetics and animatronics who, among other things, worked on [he doesn’t want you o know]. Oh, and his headpiece for Anklepants has an animatronic penis-nose that moves in time to the music. So your money will almost certainly be put to good use.

As with Kickstarter, it’s a little misleading to describe Indiegogo contributions as “donations.” Depending on how much you pitch in, you can get any number of Anklepants goodies in return, from a digital WAV copy of his latest album to your very own silicone cast of the full Anklepants “facéhead.” (It’s a bust, not a headpiece, so sorry—you can’t wear it to your next DJ gig. Make your own damn penis-nosed prosthetic!)

We’ll leave you with that Indiegogo link one more time and a little taste of the Anklepants live show. Just imagine this shit with the added bonus of a guitar that’s also a face!