Glenn Danzig is suing Jerry Only over Misfits merch

Jerry Only
Jerry Only strikes his patented “greedy bastard” pose

You know how that Misfits “Fiend Skull” logo is available pretty much everywhere? You can get yourself a Fiend Skull alarm clock so you can wake up early to go fishing in a stupid Fiend Skull bucket hat while you sip your coffee out of a frickin’ Fiend Skull thermos. OK, the Fiend Skull thermos and matching lunch box are actually kinda cool. But my point is, somebody is making a shit-ton of money off Misfits merch.

Well, as it turns out, that somebody is not original Misfits lead singer Glenn Danzig. Now, Danzig is suing his ex-bandmate, current Misfits frontman Jerry Only, for his share of the profits. And you will be shocked to hear that Only is reluctant to let Danzig in on the untold millions in the burgeoning Misfits shower curtain market.

Only has been licensing shitty Misfits merch for years, so why the lawsuit now? Since the suit alleges Only breached an earlier contract by trademarking Misfits logos way back in 2000, that’s hard to say. Maybe Danzig saw this article and said to himself, “Misfits bikinis? Where’s my piece of that action?”

At any rate, Only is predictably responding to the suit with a statement claiming that Danzig is full of shit and signed away his rights to all things Misfits years ago. The lawsuit, according to Only and his lawyers, is just “a sour grapes tantrum based on outrageous allegations” and “nothing more than a calculated attempt to unfairly and improperly enrich himself from revenue streams to which he is not entitled.” That’s right, bitches. The current lead singer of The Misfits just used the phrase “revenue streams” in a sentence. Punk as FUCK!

The punchline to this story, according to Billboard? Danzig is only asking for $75,000 plus interest. So maybe the market for Misfits shower curtains is less hot that we thought.


New Misfits live album “DEA.D.ALIVE!” coming next month


Did you know ghoul-rockers The Misfits haven’t released a live album since the ’80s? It’s true. All their albums since the ’80s have been dead. In more ways than one. I kid, of course! The ’90s and ’00s Misfit albums are perfectly serviceable if your like your horror-punk with its rotting tongue planted firmly in its decaying cheek.

Anyway, the live drought is finally ending on Feb. 5th, when Jerry Only and co. will unleash DEA.D.ALIVE! on a terrorized populace. The album features all tracks from the post-Danzig version of the band, but there’s still hope for you fogey-punks who miss the good ol’ days of “Die, Die My Darling” and “Horror Business”: In an interview with Rolling Stone, Only says there’s some “’77-’83 material that we performed together back in the day that remain unreleased, just sitting in the vaults…It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Glenn and I might evaluate some of that stuff in the not-too-distant future and consider bringing it to the fans in a joint effort.” Which sounds pretty weak, I know…but compared to some of the words Only has had for Danzig in the past, it’s practically a Glenn ‘n’ Jerry lovefest.

That Rolling Stone article also features a preview of a track off DEA.D.ALIVE!, a live version of “Shining.” It doesn’t exactly make me wanna rush out and buy this set on limited-edition “solid gold” vinyl (and by the way, I’m pretty sure they mean solid gold-colored vinyl…otherwise I’m gonna start hoarding Misfits LPs for the coming apocalypse), but it does make me think it might be fun to finally go to a Misfits show. Like most people who own the T-shirt, I’m a poser who’s never actually seen them.

You can pre-order DEA.D.ALIVE! now from the Misfits online store. Here’s the complete tracklist, courtesy of antiMusic:

1.) The Devil’s Rain (3:39)
2.) Vivid Red (1:44)
3.) Land of the Dead (2:00)
4.) Curse of the Mummy’s Hand (3:18)
5.) Cold in Hell (1:54)
6.) Dark Shadows (3:18)
7.) Death Ray (4:02)
8.) Shining (2:39)
9.) American Psycho (1:56)
10.) Dig Up Her Bones (2:26)
11.) Scream! (2:22)
12.) Helena (3:24)
13.) Science Fiction/Double Feature (3:17)
14.) Saturday Night (4:10)

The Misfits

When I want to get into the Halloween spirit, my third favorite thing to do (after answering the door naked and offering Jager shots to the neighborhood kids) is crank up The Misfits. Seriously, is any band more synonymous with Halloween? I think not.

There are, of course, two versions of The Misfits: the original, Glenn Danzig one, and the latter-day, Jerry Only one, also widely known among fans as “the bullshit version.” I actually dig them both for totally different reasons. Danzig’s Misfits were fun, kooky and occasionally scary in a sort of Ramones-meets-Tales From the Crypt way; Only’s Misfits are fun, kooky and occasionally hilarious in a Dead Milkmen-meets-Killer Clowns From Outer Space way. See the difference?

Anyway, I figured this Halloween, it’d be good to honor the original horror punks with a spot on our ever-growing Weird List. Here’s a video from the Jerry Only era. Had they become total parodies of themselves by this point? Of course, but that’s sort of the point.

P.S. Not that the world really needs a new Misfits album, but we got one this month anyway. It’s called The Devil’s Rain and you can hear a track, “Land of the Dead,” by going to their website and clicking the Audio On/Off button. Yes, that’s Jerry doing vocals now. At this point, he can do whatever the hell he wants, but…man. Suddenly, for all the wrong reasons, they’ve gotten kinda scary again.


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