Weird Live Review: Bob Log III

Bob Log III

Well, we finally got to witness firsthand the human blues-bomb cannonball that is Bob Log III, and the one-man party band did not disappoint. You can read my full review of the evening’s mayhem on LA Weekly (yeah, I got paid to write about this one—I’m a fucking sellout, I know) or you can just look at these blurry Instagram photos, which actually sum up the show as well or better than I ever could. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure Bob Log III is the baddest motherfucker ever to simultaneously play a banjo with his hands and drums with his feet.

By the way, a special shout-out to our new friends Rico and Gidget, who were there for their second Bob Log III all the way from Duarte, which, for those of you who don’t know L.A. geography, is fucking far. That’s Rico raging at the edge of the stage in the above photo. I tried to get a decent picture of his girlfriend Gidget bouncing on Bob Log’s knee, but she was such a blur of tossed green hair and extended middle fingers that my poor little camera was not up to the task.

Also, best Bob Log III quote of the night that didn’t make it into my LA Weekly review: “Oh, my god. You lucky, lucky people. How did you make it here tonight? Hey, is this someone’s bra?”

See you next time, Bob!

Bob Log III and his "disco banjo"
Bob Log III and his “disco banjo”
Ain't no party like a Bob Log party
Ain’t no party like a Bob Log party

Either someone dosed my bourbon or the new Black Pus video is some seriously trippy shit

Black Pus

Listen, we all already knew that Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale was one crazy motherfucker, but he just keeps out-freaking himself with this Black Pus project. The music, which is mostly just Chippendale wailing away on larger-than-life drums, looped-to-death vocals and swarm-of-bees synths, is crazy enough all by itself. But now he has to go and add the kind of visual accompaniment that has me creeping around on all fours to find the gremlins that dosed my nightcap. Yes, I just watched this video five times in a row and I am now actually hallucinating. Either that or my socks really are full of ants. Nah, let’s assume I’m hallucinating.

Anyway, the video is for the chanty/ranty track “Hear No Evil” and you can watch it below. You can also read all about Brian’s unlikely trip to an avant-garde drumming workshop in the United Arab Emirates. Even without the peyote-punk videos, the man leads a pretty interesting life.

Bonus Pus nugget: Chippendale is taking his Black Pus show on the road in May. In case you missed ’em the first time, you can read all the dates here.

Side project alert: Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale is Black Pus


When he’s not pummeling audiences into submission as the drummer for Lightning Bolt, Brian Chippendale is pummeling audiences into submission as the one-man wrecking crew called Black Pus. Black Pus mostly sounds like Lightning Bolt, except bassist Brian Gibson is replaced by various electronics and oscillators and other shit I don’t really claim to understand. It’s technology, people! Technology in the service of making enough noise to cause your brain to start leaking out your ears in a thick, gummy discharge.

The latest Black Pus record, All My Relations, is due out March 19th on Thrill Jockey Records and judging from lead track “1000 Years,” it’s going to be a fucking beast. It’s also apparently the first time Chippendale has recorded a full album in a regular ol’ recording studio with other dudes doing the producing and recording and whatnot. Before all you D.I.Y. punk purists start crying “sellout,” fire up “1000 Years” below and tell me it doesn’t sound like Chippendale beat that studio till it called him Daddy. (If you can’t see the Soundcloud player, click here.)

Later this spring, Chippendale’s taking his Black Pus show on the road. Here are the dates:

05-03 Boston, MA- Cambridge Elks Lounge
05-04 Buffalo, NY- Sound Lab
05-05 Cleveland, OH- Happy Dog
05-07 Chicago, IL- Empty Bottle
05-09 St.Paul, MN- Turf Club *
05-10 Omaha, NE- Slowdown
05-11 Denver, CO- Larimer Lounge
05-13 Salt Lake City, UT- Kilby Court
05-14 Boise, ID- Neurolux
05-15 Seattle, WA- Black Lodge ^
05-16 Portland, OR – Bunk Bar
05-18 San Francisco, CA- Hemlock Tavern
05-19 Oakland, CA- Lobot Gallery
05-20 Los Angeles, CA- The Smell #
05-22 San Diego, CA- Soda Bar
05-23 Tucson, AZ- Topaz Tundra
05-24 Albuquerque, NM- Small Engine
05-26 Austin, TX- Mohawk (Inside)
05-29 Atlanta, GA- The Earl
05-30 Raleigh, NC- Kings Barcade
05-31 Baltimore, MD- Golden West %
06-01 Philadelphia, PA- PhilaMOCA
06-02 Brooklyn, NY- Death By Audio

*Skoal Kodiak, Seawhores
^MTNS, Numbs
#Foot Village, Street Buddy

To pre-order All My Relations, go to Thrill Jockey’s official website. First 100 get a Chippendale comic based on a conversation we literally heard 75 different times at South by Southwest a few years back. Click the link and you’ll see what I mean.

Author and Punisher

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Photo by Jeremy & Claire Weiss. Swiped from Wired.

What’s up, weirdos? Did you spend your whole Weird Wednesday waiting for us to post a new Band of the Week? Was it torture? Probably not, but hey, it makes a good segueway into this week’s band.

Tristan Shone is an engineer from San Diego (why is it always the sunny places that produce guys like this?) who makes electron microscopes by day and doom-metal “Drone Machines” by night. Then he takes his Drone Machines out and performs with them under the name Author & Punisher, making “music” that sounds like androids howling in agony as they’re slowly ripped to pieces.

Onstage, Shone looks like a man trapped on the world’s most hellish assembly line job. In one hand, he’s got a giant piston-like machine that triggers drum sounds; in his other, he’s got throttles that trigger bone-rattling waves of heavy bass, or possibly something that looks like a cross between a drafting table and a giant deli slicer. A eight-piece MIDI controller microphone obscures most of his face. It’s all very badass and industrial and doom-metal-looking, which is the whole point.

If you want the full A&P story, check out this cool video interview/profile someone did with him for Ground Control magazine back in 2008. Or, if you have short attention spans (and we know you do), just peep this little three-minute video of Tristan and his machines getting it on in the studio. Trent Reznor has to do a Nine Inch Nails reunion tour just so this guy can be his opening act.


Bob Log III

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Damn, I wish I’d thought of this guy’s shtick before he did. Bob Log III is a one-man band who dresses up in an Evel Knievel costume, plays Delta blues slide guitar, sings songs about boobies and booze, and gets chicks to bounce on his knees while he plays a bass drum and cymbal with his feet. It’s genius!

Somehow, Mr. Log has been milking this routine for over a decade, and people still go apeshit for it. How we failed to discover him until recently is beyond me. Maybe it’s because Eddie and me aren’t really blues fans so much…but when you throw in the human-cannonball jumpsuits and songs with titles like “Boob Scotch” and “I Want Your Shit on My Leg,” we’re in.

Oh, and did we mention that the dude also recorded an album featuring additional percussion played by two “professional women” smacking their tits together? It’s true. He also occasionally crowd-surfs in an inflatable rubber raft. Like we said, genius.

This video was shot last year at Spaceland in Los Angeles, which is like, practicaly at the end of my street. How did I manage to miss that show and the one he just did tonight in Echo Park? Clearly I need to remember not to get drunk until after I leave the house. Oh and P.S.: yes, that’s a telephone strapped to the front of his helmet. I guess that’s where he keeps his microphone. He need to rig up a straw on that thing so he can drink his scotch though.