Bum Sick

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I hope you’re not reading this on your lunch break, because you’ll either hurl or laugh so hard the special sauce on your Big Mac will squirt out of your nose.

This week’s band, Bum Sick, is a British grindcore band who do all shit-themed songs in which the vocals have been replaced with farting noises. And uh, yeah, that about sums it up, really.

Credit (or blame) for this disgusting discovery goes to our current MVR (Most Valuable Reader) Ian Frost and another fellow known only as Rapesbladder. Thanks, guys! We’ll think about you every time we drop a particularly noisy deuce this week.

A little background, even though you probably don’t need any: Bum Sick was started in 2009 as a joke (duh) by Andy Bile (aka General Ass Piss), bass player for a death metal band called Amputated and also the creator of a pornogrind band called Bukkake Birth. Don’t know what pornogrind is? Read this and all will be revealed. Don’t know what bukkake is? Oh, you sheltered little lamb. I don’t have the heart to burst your bubble. (Who am I kidding? Of course I do.)

Bum Sick have released one album, Smelly Noise (warning: cover art NSFW), which features such fart-tastic jams as “Shock to the Cistern,” “Swollen Colon” and “Diarrhea Snorting Crack Whore.” If they’re not Beavis and Butt-Head’s favorite band, they should be.

As far as I can tell, Bile seems content to just call this stuff “grind,” while others have lumped it into the pornogrind category. I’m proposing right now that we should start calling this shit scatgrind.* But please don’t credit Weirdest Band in the World if that term catches on. We don’t want to be held responsible if there are 100 shit-themed bands on ReverbNation by this time next year.

Bum Sick’s original songs are good, grossout fun. But for sheer video hilarity, nothing in their catalog tops this Hatebreed cover, set an actual Hatebreed concert clip. Enjoy.

*[Update: Turns out scatgrind is already so widely in use it even has its own Last.fm tag. Shoulda seen that coming.]