Let’s be honest: alot of the time, the bands we refer to as weird on this blog are basically just normal bands that found a good gimmick to make them seem less normal. You know, wear costumes, hire 20 lead singers, base all your songs on a TV show. If you hose down Bang Camaro, for example, they’re pretty much just a pop-metal band.

Well, today’s Weirdest Band candidate doesn’t really have a gimmick. They’re just plain weird. There’s really no other way to describe Ponytail.

Started as an art school project by four kids from Baltimore, Ponytail basically just mixes up layers of guitar noise, thunderous percussion and a bunch of weird shrieks, yowls, hoots and hollers by a pint-sized “singer” (for lack of a better term) named Molly Siegel. The results barely qualify as music, but they sure are fun.

I got to see Ponytail at SXSW and what struck me most is that unlike a lot of other socalled “noise pop” bands like Deerhoof, there’s nothing really arty or pretentious about these guys. They just like rocking out without worrying about things like, you know, melodies. Or lyrics. Or time signatures. Or keeping your guitar in tune. There’s something kind of childlike about it, especialy when Molly starts bouncing around like an autistic Ewok.

I’ll embed the YouTube vid here like we always do, but I totally recommend going over to YouTube itself to check out the user coments, which are hilarious. People really have no idea what to make of this stuff.


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