Weird of the Day: Surgical Vacations, “Carolina Pride”

Surgical Vacations

A reader called J.W. Paycheck turned over a weird rock in North Carolina for us the other day, and among the many critters that scurried out from under it was a duo called Surgical Vacations. Googling “Surgical Vacations” gives you lots of search results about places in Mexico and Brazil where you can go to get a boob job, so we don’t know much about these guys, except that they apparently call themselves Buggy Baby James and Flavor Downey Jr. and they’re also in another, equally under-the-radar band called Crystal Innz. Their Bandcamp page tags their music as “comedy rap,” but I think it’s an inside joke. Unless the joke is just that they’re making fun of the ominous production techniques of horrorcore hip-hop.