The Atlantas

Yep, another band has run the gauntlet of our Submit and Vote page and come up a winner. This time the “band” is the really just a lone dude from Mexico named Gerardo Preciado, who lives in the Sonoran Desert and makes music he describes as “a battle beetween Depeche Mode and U2, set in post-apocalyptic 1984.” It’s not, frankly, the weirdest music we’ve ever featured by a long shot, but hey, you voted for this guy. Plus, he does have a knack for bizarre videos and he says his latest album Revelator was inspired by having night terrors, which in Spanish are called “se te subio el muerto” which translates to something like being possessed by spirits of the dead in your sleep. So that’s kinda spooky-weird, I guess.

Anyway, here’s the latest Atlantas video, which Preciado’s bio says features clips from old documentaries about metaphysics. And spinning swastikas! Oh, he’s gonna get some angry user comments about those.


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