Taliban ban women from going to universities

The Taliban government in Afghanistan has banned university education for women in the country.

Human Rights Watch reported Tuesday that the acting minister of the Ministry of Higher Education, Nada Nadeem, ordered the suspension of girls’ education at public and private universities.

The letter, which was addressed to “all emirates and private institutions and universities,” read in part: “May Allah Almighty grant us success in all matters. Based on the cabinet decision… you are informed that said ruling (J) suspends girls’ education until further notice.”

“Implement and satisfy the position of the ministry of its performance.”

In a tweet, the organization condemned the move as “a shameful decision that violates the right to education of women and girls in Afghanistan.”

“The Taliban make it clear every day that they do not respect the fundamental rights of Afghans, especially women,” the tweet read.

The new ban follows a series of other restrictions the Taliban government has imposed on women since it captured the capital city of Kabul on August 15, 2021.

After initially promising to open all schools after a seven-month ban on March 23 this year, the Taliban reversed this decision, two days after the initial announcement.

In addition, it ordered secondary schools for girls to remain closed, indefinitely, until policies were implemented that complied with the “principles of Islamic law and Afghan culture.”

Women in general have been prohibited from doing certain jobs. Those who still have jobs must be accompanied by a male family member to their workplaces. Women are also prohibited from traveling without a male family member.

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