Tanker truck loaded with gasoline falls and blocks the Anambra road

A 33,000 liter tanker carrying petrol for petroleum engines has crashed along the Onitsha-Enugu highway between Toll Gate and Ogbunike massacre.

The incident occurred around 2:05 p.m. Tuesday as the driver of the tanker truck was swerving toward the Ndumore Oil and Gas Service Station along the highway.

The cause of the incident was deduced to be a result of the driver losing control of the tanker truck.

The incident caused the Awka-bound lane to be cleared while vehicles diverted into the Onitsha-bound lane, causing heavy traffic on the hub.

The danger was averted when men from the state fire service arrived on the scene with their truck and firefighters and immediately began spraying the sand with a foam chemical compound which prevented a fire outbreak.

Confirming the incident in a statement, the state’s fire chief, Dr. Martin Agbili, said that at around 2:05 p.m. Ndumore oil and gas station along the Onitsha-Enugu highway, between the toll gate and massacre, Ogbunike.

He said: “Immediately, we deployed our fire truck and fire brigade to the scene of the incident that caused a lot of traffic on the highway.

“We thank God because the supposed source of fire that would have emanated from it was avoided. There was no loss of life.

“The cause of this incident was the result of the driver losing control of the tanker truck.

“Our quick and timely response and use of our foam chemistry prevented a fire outbreak and saved the lives and property of the surrounding public.”

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