Televisa prepares a series by Marcial Maciel that will expose the complicity of the church and the Vatican trembles Código Lista

Tremble Vatican! Televisa prepares a series by Marcial Maciel where the complicity of the church will be exposed

In addition to the fact that the advancement of science and the secular state have greatly reduced the influence of the Catholic Church, the scandals of the institution have undermined its credibility in surprising ways. For centuries (or more) there have been critical voices for the complicity of the church in acts contrary to the values ​​it supposedly promotes, but in the 20th and 21st centuries one of the worst crimes of Catholicism was exposed: the cover-up. of pedophile priests. Now TelevisaUnivision is preparing a series dedicated to martial macielthe infamous founder of the Legionaries of Christ, who was protected by the Vatican.

In accordance with Aristegui NewsTelevisaUnivision signed a contract with the production company mark johnson (When The Brothers Meet (90%), Good Morning, Vietnam (89%), Donnie Brasco (87%)) for the performance of the show that bears the working title of Amen. martial maciel He was charged with corruption, bribery and sexual abuse of minors in 1998 by various members of the order he founded, but he has been known to commit aberrations since the 1940s. In 2019, the Legion of Christ admitted to allegations of sexual abuse of minors. at least 60 minors at the hands of martial maciel. This is the synopsis of the series shared by Televisa:

You will explore the irresistible allure of unlimited power and the dangers of sleeping with the devil, as told in a true-life account of a Catholic priest who seduced wealthy Mexican society, an international religious community, and even at the highest levels. from the Vatican. .

The show is based on the book. Vows of silence: the abuse of power in the papacy of John Paul II (Vows of silence: the abuse of power in the papacy of John Paul II), from jason berry Y Gerardo Rennerwhich tells us that he will expose the Vatican under the pope John Paul II. According to the journalist Emiliano Ruiz Parra25 years ago the Legionaries of Christ sought to vindicate martial martial with a television series, but the project never came to fruition. With Amen The public is expected to become aware of the corruption within the Catholic Church, which has failed to investigate and punish all accomplices of the infamous Legionnaires founder.

It is not the first time that the story of martial macielIn 2014, the film Perfect Obediencia (100%) was released, starring Juan Manuel Bernal and directed by Luis Urquiza, who was inspired by the infamous character. Another famous film about abuse in the Catholic Church was Spotlight (96%), with Michael Keaton, which even won the Oscar for Best Picture. The title of the new series on martial maciel It is shared by another 2002 film directed by Costa-Gavras, about the complicity of the church with the Nazi regime.

The sexual abuse of minors is one of the worst crimes, and influential and powerful figures have fallen into it, such as the billionaire jeffrey epstein, which had a whole network of prostitution of minors. However, when the cases were not so scandalous, many times it was said that nothing had happened, there we have the example of director Roman Polanski. Things began to change with the rise of the #MeToo movement, which occurred after the abuse of the producer and co-founder of Miramax became known. harvey weinstein.

After that, numerous actors and workers in the entertainment industry began to raise their voices to reveal their bad experiences with sexual predators, many of whom were famous. This cost several celebrities their careers, starting with Kevin Spacey, who was fired from the hit series House of Cards (71%) and eliminated from the movie All the Money in the World (63%) for having harassed a minor and several people.


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