The Biggest Trick To Creating A Successful Brand Video

It is very clear that with the direction the internet has been taking, videos are an essential channel for marketing. There are many types of videos made for multiple purposes, be it branding, spreading a cause, or plain entertainment. 

Most companies do not survive the brunt of the industry without knowing how to navigate through the channels most used by their consumers. Animated company videos, amongst other kinds, are a great tool to define your brand to the world. You can use videos as an integral part of your marketing strategy. No matter how you look at it, a good video can take you a long way in telling the world what you’re offering. 

But what makes a video great? How can you make a brilliant video that catches the eyes of visitors and perfectly conveys to them what your brand is all about? 

Here are some great tips that may come in handy while you attempt to answer these questions: 

  1. Focus on The Story.

Before the dawn of social media, adverts were the only form of marketing for which you would have to rent a portion of the ad section on a TV channel or newspaper. Today, however, brands can reach the same amount of people much more directly. This means creating brand content has now begun to compete with entertainment. No longer are such videos looked down upon for being an interruption of the main show or information you were consuming. 

This is why you cannot simply have straightforward ads any longer. If you want your brand videos to be consumed by more people, you need to create value for the viewer. Videos that are purely centered around a brand or to drive sales would more likely be ignored. The best videos out there tell stories that the audience can relate to and enjoy. Your aim should not be selling your product but to create a visual experience for your viewers, showing them why they’d enjoy your product. 

Your video should also be concise, and the point should be hard-hitting. Create a story arc for every single frame and keep your videos short to hold on to the viewer’s interests.

  1. First impressions matter

The average attention span of most people reduces by the day. When it comes to making a brilliant video, you should pay close attention to this fact. Aim to create a video that brings a concept to life right from the first few seconds to ensure that your viewers continue to find out the message behind the video. If you attempt to keep all the good stuff for the last, think again. Animated company videos usually catch a lot of attention because they are light and have a human side to them. 

One of the most popular ways to grab the audience’s attention is with a hook at the beginning of your video. A hook is a quick preview of what’s to come, which can show the audience that your video is worth their time. Another interesting way to grab attention is by creating gripping thumbnails that excite your viewers. 

Thumbnails can make a difference in your play rates, according to studies. Spend some effort figuring out what kind of thumbnail would be ideal for your video and avoid blurry or senseless shots. Think of this as the poster to your video that adds value and ensures that the viewer won’t be wasting their time. 

  1. Target relevant audiences on Facebook

As far as platforms for content distribution go, Facebook is a great platform to share your animated company videos with a wide range of people. One of the best features of Facebook is that it allows you to use in-depth targeting, which helps you choose your target audience. 

As a content distribution platform, Facebook is incredible. You can do this for every single post you upload, and it is a great way to make your content appealing to everyone who watches it. 

You can target people based on their age, demographics, interests, and so on. However, Facebook doesn’t limit your posts to the selected audience type; it only prioritizes them. 

  1. Tell your story with and without narration

You don’t need someone narrating a video or have catchy dialogues in each. With social media coming up with 15-second videos, 1-minute videos, and so on, you can also try experimenting with fresh ideas. 

This also helps you because most times, people watch new or unknown videos with their audios off. With wordy dialogue, you can tend to lose people who aren’t interested or are distracted. However, trying to inculcate small texts, music, and other creative ways to replace audio, your viewers will be able to understand what’s happening with and without the sound on. 

These are some tips to make great animated company videos to brand your business. If you still haven’t started, try consulting professionals for advice on how you can make the best video possible!


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