‘The Crown’ season 5 addressed a 2020 investigation into an infamous interview with Princess Diana

the netflix series The crown it delved into many events that the British royal family would prefer to keep behind closed doors. His treatment of the late Princess Diana is no exception. The last few seasons have focused on her struggles as a princess and wife of the heir to the throne. A season 5 story covered a bombshell interview from 1995 Princess Diana gave. The show not only revealed the shocking statements she made during that interview, but also looked at the fallout. The behavior of the journalist involved, Martin Bashir, and the BBC was so out of character that it even prompted an investigation in 2020.

What did season 5 of ‘The Crown’ get right about the interview with Princess Diana?

Elizabeth Debecki as Princess Diana in season 5 of ‘The Crown’ | Netflix

According to a YouTube video of Mrs. Mojo, this part of the series is mostly accurate. The four minutes of the interview shown on The crown Season 5 is drawn from what Princess Diana said. She dropped bombshells, like the age of Prince Charles and Camilla’s date, and her own bulimia.

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