The curious test in which Apple and Google have collaborated Código Lista

Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla are working together to make their browsers better!

Apple and Google are working on updating a speedometer that benefits the performance of their browsers

While Apple, Google and Mozilla all have competing browsers all the time, they’ve also shown that they support each other when they need it and when the benefit can be greatest. Recently, these companies have collaborated in a new version of the speedometer 3.

speedometer is a speedometer that measures responsiveness by simulating user interactions in demo web applications. After its release in 2014 by Apple’s Webkit team and an update in 2018, they decided to develop a third version to “build a collaborative understanding of performance on the web to help drive browser performance in ways that help users “.

A speedometer unites the most popular browsers

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This new collaboration was confirmed through the Twitter accounts of Google, Mozilla and Apple. Apple’s WebKit team said this joint effort would improve the benchmark itself and also improve browser performance for Apple users.

For its part, the Mozilla Dev team and Google Chrome confirmed the development and the latter said that the collaboration will operate “in a joint governance model” with the aim of sharing the work of others, which leads to better performance for everyone.

According to Google, it wants the benchmark to “include representative modern workloads, such as JavaScript frameworks” for Compare the JavaScript performance of desktop browsers.

Mozilla claimed that “it’s time to update it to test the real user journeys of online life today”with the web changing a lot since the last major release.

For now, according to the GitHub repository, Speedometer 3.0 is under active development and is unstable. But developers are encouraged to keep checking the repository for updates on the upcoming release.

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