The last 24 hours of Pedro Castillo in power: bad decisions and a self-coup that led him to anarchy Code List

On Tuesday, December 6, the former head of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINI), José Fernández Latorreentered the studies pan american television. Dressed in jacket and tie, the former detainee was preparing to shake up the future of Pedro Castillo with some revelations that upset the already hectic political agenda, focused on the debate and the vote in full Congress on the presidential vacancy motion.

The man who had been the key man in government intelligence made serious accusations against the president, his ministers and senior officials around him, whom he unconditionally implicated in cases of corruption and cover-up. “I will not forgive my son’s tears,” Latorre warned.

“I have warned the president of all the illegal acts that were happening through the people he trusted: Bruno Pacheco, Alejandro Sanchez, Rubdel Oblitas (president’s nephew pedro castle), all those who were taking advantage of State resources,” he continued.

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From then on, the former official began a tour of the main media to comment that Alexander Sanchezhome owner sarratea“accused pacheco request favors from the superintendency of SUNAT so that companies that had debts with the State are exonerated from million-dollar fines.”

“And Mr. Bruno Pacheco accused Sánchez of how he imported red mercury to extract gold here in Peru, he told the president that,” he added.

About the president’s nephew, rubdel oblitasFernández Latorre assured that he asked for “100 thousand soles because he said that he had to fix a report, in a media outlet, where his uncle (Pedro Castillo) was going to be removed from him and that he urgently needed them.”

“I made known (Castillo) acts of corruption that officials had been committing, through his nephews, Jaime Vasquez and Fray. One day I receive a message with the word “serve him” and a contact, Mr. President, of his nephew Oblitas sends me, ”he said. Fernandez Latorre.

The revelations tensed the political atmosphere. And they became an unusual message to La Nación on Tuesday night, where Castillo—now detained for sedition and rebellion—indicated that he was not corrupt and that he would defend the motion for dismissal filed against him.

It was not the only thing. He assured that, “throughout the 17 months in office” that he has been in, “a certain sector of Parliament had the only point on the agenda” to remove him from office, “because they never accepted the results of an election.” that last year allowed him to defeat in the round of 16 Keiko Fujimori.

And he added that the third motion for dismissal that he will face is based “on statements from third parties” and that characters from his closest environment “abuse” his trust and try to involve him “without evidence” in acts of corruption.

Pedro Castillo offered a message to the Nation: “I am not corrupt.” peru television

The next morning, this December 7th, Castle He went on national television to deliver another message, this time more unusual, in which he dissolved the Congress and installed an emergency government, hours before Parliament met to debate his dismissal. He read the pronouncement almost trembling and with a broken voice.

After the message, then Vice President Boluarte, senior officials and analysts denounced a coup. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides, pointed out her “emphatic rejection” of “any violation of the constitutional order.”

the Armed Forces and National Police of Peru They rejected Castillo’s decision and indicated that they will abide by the Constitution. Since then, there has been a wave of resignations in the Government with the resignation of the Ministers of Labour, Foreign Affairs, Economy, Justice and Defense (although the latter cited personal reasons).

Pedro Castillo continues to be detained and would be transferred to another place. british tv channel

The Peruvian ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Harold Forsyth Mejía, announced in Washington his resignation due to “the rupture (…) of the constitutional order.”

“From today, Castle he is in the sad row of dictators”, said former Peruvian President Ollanta Humala (2011-2016). Castillo abandoned the palace residence along with his wife, Lilia Paredes, and their children. Subsequently, the presidential delegation entered the headquarters of the Lima Prefecture, located on Av. España, where he was detained in flagrancy by the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office of Peru.

The Public Ministry confirmed that he was intervened in the Lima Police Prefecturein the company of former Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, for the crime of rebellion, which is regulated in article 346 of the Penal Code.

In Title XVI of Chapter I of the document, referring to acts that attempt against the State and constitutional order, It is specified that the one who “rises up in arms to change the form of government, depose the legally constituted government or suppress or modify the constitutional regime, will be punished with a custodial sentence of not less than ten nor more than twenty years, and expatriation”.

Alternatively, the Public ministry ordered to initiate preliminary proceedings for the alleged commission of conspiracy to commit a crime, to the detriment of the State (art. 349 of the Penal Code), which provides for “a custodial sentence of no more than half of the maximum indicated for the crime committed.” ”.

Almost in parallel, the Congress fired him for “moral incapacity” and swore in the vice president in his place, in a cascade of dramatic announcements in this country that suffers from chronic political instability.

boluarte She was unknown on the political scene until Pedro Castillo’s surprise electoral victory in July 2021 brought her out of anonymity. Almost a year and a half later, this Wednesday she became the first woman to preside over Peru after the removal of the leftist leader for “moral incapacity.”

A 60-year-old lawyer and mother, she was one of the most prominent faces of the government since she took office as Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, a position she held —along with the vice presidency— from the beginning of Castillo’s administration until two years ago. weeks.

Speech by Dina Boluarte after being sworn in as the new president of Peru | peru television

After being sworn in as president, the first woman in history to hold that distinction, met with representatives of different institutions of the Nation, including the Catholic Church, to insist that it is time to “work in unity” to close the gaps and develop ourselves. . the country.

With “simplicity and humility”, boluarte He said that he will work to “be able to make the State reach the most vulnerable people”, who he says cannot suffer the consequences of the confrontation between the Legislative and the Executive.


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