The Monegasque Charles Leclerc and Charlotte Sine renounce their relationship

Leclerc, the second-ranked driver in the 2021-22 FIA World Championship, has announced that he and his long-time girlfriend have broken up. Charles Leclerc and Charlotte Sine posted breakup notes on their social media.

The note read: “Hi everyone, Charlotte and I have decided to end our relationship and remain good friends. We have shared so many great moments and she is her and she will always be a very special person to me. She is amazing and she deserves the best, please respect our decision and her privacy at a time like this.”

The story published by the 23-year-old Instagrammer and architect on her Instagram account

Charlotte posted a similar text on her Instagram feed. “Charles and I have decided to end our relationship and remain good friends. It has been 3 beautiful years together with many memories. He is an amazing person and I wish him the best.”

Charles Leclerc and Charlotte Sine met through a mutual friend and ex-girlfriend of the latter: Giada Gianni. The young racer from Monaco dated the Italian bombshell for four years. Their relationship went to a mark of compromise. However, they broke up. A short time later, Giada announced that Charles left her because he wants to pursue Ferrari.

Charlotte Sine is an architect who owns a shoe company. Furthermore, she has 170,000 followers on her Instagram account. The Monegasque is also the heir to Monaco’s oldest and most renowned company, the Société des Bains de Mer.

The reasons for the breakup are unknown. As we know, dating an F1 driver affects both parties. A Formula One calendar is more rigid than it seems. It could be the long calendar that separated the love-struck couple. The driver’s Instagram feed has no images together. However, we can spot some good images on Sine’s account.

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