The NCAA seeks the injection of young professionals to address the successor plan in aviation

The aviation industry requires a large pool of young professionals across all areas and departments to address the challenges that a lack of succession planning may create for the industry in the future, said Captain Musa Nuhu, Director General of the Authority. of Nigerian Civil Aviation (NCAA). ) has said.

The authority also craved leniency from critical stakeholders, whether public or private, to support any initiative that provided training and retraining, scholarships, sponsorships, and investment in capacity building for youth.

Nuhu unveiled them at the 6th Next Generation Aviation Professionals Conference held in Lagos over the weekend with the theme: ‘Empowering the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals through Scholarships and Sponsorships’.

Growing demand: Nuhu, represented by Alhaji Adamu Wakili, director of human resources and administration, noted that there was a growing demand for training and preparation of a large workforce of young men and women in all sectors of commercial aviation due to growth and increased traffic. of passengers, cargo and airports throughout the country.

He said: ”Overall, the global aviation industry is growing rapidly; planes are getting bigger, fly faster and reduce travel time; there is a massive movement of passengers and cargo within the orbit.

  • “Airports are getting bigger and more complex, handling millions of passengers per year and facing security challenges.”

Sustained synergy, partnership: He further noted that while the demand for technical skills in aircraft maintenance, flight operations, air traffic control, airport maintenance and management persists, achieving the goal of having a sufficient, trained workforce and efficiently trained would require sustained synergy and partnership between key stakeholders.

Nuhu stressed that workforce development could be ensured through scholarships and sponsorships from well-meaning organizations and individuals, especially for young aviators, arguing that this is critical to the sustainable development of the industry.

  • “Therefore, I crave the leniency of every critical stakeholder present, whether private or public, to support any initiative that promotes the sustainable development of the aviation industry, be it through training and retraining, scholarships, investment in aviation infrastructure, etc.”

He gave assurance that the NCAA would continue to lead the formulation of relevant and proactive regulations for the economic development of the sector, while at the same time progressively strengthening its oversight responsibilities to consolidate safe and secure air transport in Nigeria.

The NCAA chief also praised MamaJ Aviation Consult for constantly promoting human capacity development and encouraging young people to pursue careers in aviation to help close the workforce gap in the industry.

  • “This conference is timely as it tends to address, introduce and mentor young Nigerians eager and passionate about joining the aviation industry, keeping in mind the urgent need for more new hands in the aviation industry and invariably bridging the gap. created by aging. workforce to further develop and ensure succession plans for others to grow and take over,” he said.

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