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Venezuelan migrants, some expelled from the United States to Mexico under Title 42 on the banks of the Rio Grande, in Ciudad Juárez, REUTERS/José Luis González

In Mexico The conditions that led Venezuela to a situation of weakness where there is no economic well-being for its citizens, where insecurity grows and political freedom is lost, seem to be reproducing, said Bret Stephens, a columnist for the New York Times.

From the perspective of international analysts, the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorapproaches the populist governments of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey or the current of the Kirchners in Argentina, where their apparent love for the poor makes them maintain popularity, however, the rule of law is being lost, as happened in the nation under the power of Nicolás Maduro.

Currently, Thousands of Venezuelans flee poverty in their country and struggle to reach the United States in search of a better life, however, the government a large number of them have ended up stranded on the northern border of Mexico due to an agreement between the United States government (under the title 42) and that of López Obrador to receive them while their immigration status is normalized.

Bret Stephens recalls that at the beginning of the six-year term of Lopez Obrador performed an analysis and found that Tabasqueño could be a Mexican version of donald trumpbut from the left. Four years later, the columnist considers that the president of Mexico surpassed the tycoon for being a more efficient bureaucratic operator.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, voted in favor of the return of Donald Trump to Twitter.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, voted in favor of the return of Donald Trump to Twitter. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

It must be remembered that after the last presidential elections in the US, Trump tried to ignore the results that gave victory to Joe Biden and taking advantage of the presidential power, he tried to pressure electoral officials to reverse the result.

In his case, before reaching the presidential election of the year 2024, AMLO assures that he seeks to democratize the body in charge of organizing the elections, making its members elected by popular vote after the Executive itself and the institutions under its control propose electoral councilor candidates.

In a similar style to Trump, President Lopez Obrador He describes his critics as “racist, snobbish and very hypocritical,” says the NYT journalist. Under the argument that Mexican democracy is the most expensive in the world, an electoral reform is currently being promoted.

The international analyst points out that the INE represents the orderly political transition that Mexico has experienced in recent years and if the now President of the Republic clearly won, thanks to a style of “cult of personality”, why his eagerness to pass above the referee elections. Isn’t it supposed to represent the forces of popular democracy?

Thousands of Mexicans came out to march in defense of democracy.  Photo: Darkroom
Thousands of Mexicans came out to march in defense of democracy. Photo: Darkroom

Stephens points out that the citizen march sunday november 13 to defend the National Electoral Institute (INE) made it clear that Mexico is on the way to the dismantling of democracy and its autonomous bodies.

The NYT columnist notes that Lopez Obrador was formed in the old priista from the seventiesa party united in its devotion to clientelism, corruption and, above all, presidential control as a means to perpetuate its permanence in power.

The North American media points out that in his PRI militancy, the Tabasco native learned a series of governance “plays” that he now applies from Morena, his own party.

“His goal all along has been to recreate the 1970s: an overwhelming presidency with no checks and balances,” Stephens wrote, echoing the words of blond louisone of the thinkers of Mexico.

In case López Obrador gets away with it, says the NYT journalist, even if he no longer appears as a candidate on paper, he could go back to the old practice of controlling the elections because the party in power would place its supporters in the electoral body. While all this is happening, in the rest of the country the security crisis will worsen after the implicit surrender of fighting the drug cartels.

In addition, the militarization would deepen as a result of the presidential decrees, considering that the Air Force left civil power to become omnipresent, only now they build airports, manage the ports of Mexico, control customs, distribute money to the poor, implement social programs and detain immigrants.


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